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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Controversy
Song:   Fuck the KKK
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They said the song was forbidden it couldn't be written
As you could see them motherfuckas were bullshittin
Many feel the klan would hush em
But I snatched the pen and said fuck em
Wrote the rhyme, put it in time
My mind, it ain't blind to their kind
Motherfuck a God damn KKK
Morton Downey Junior get your prejudice ass away
From my TV set
Zip it son of a bitch I ain't through yet
Before I'm on my way today
I got somethin to say to the KKK
Fuck you bitch!

YEAH, motherfuck the KKK
YEAH, motherfuck the KKK
YEAH, motherfuck the KKK
YEAH, motherfuck the KKK

Television a bigger killer than cancer
Do you watch it? Wrong answer
Its teachin our kids how to steal and kill
Don't ask me how I feel
Cause I might just form a congration to start wastin
They're fuckin us up through education
Poor neighborhoods are bein short sticked
Cause everyone gets help from the government
The boards of education are a buncha
Predjudiced son of a bitches I'm snitchin
Cause all you hoes gotta go
TAS? Thats a test for the white folks
They ain't teachin our kids the same shit
Hypocrite, bullshit, teachers ain't new ta this
So its up to us to get involved
Cause to them its just a motherfuckin job
I see fresh textbooks at white schools
We gettin shit they done already used
The board is the motherfuckin enemy
So we can't compete academically
With students our own age
All a this shit goes back to the slave days
When the white man kept us illiterate
Hid the books so we wouldn't know shit
We got to fight for justice
Cause those motherfuckers ain't givin us shit
Before I'm on my way today
I got somethin to say to the KKK
Fuck you bitch!


40 acres and a mule, peace to Charles Sumner
David Duke, I gotcha number
Talkin that shit in the Cajun State
Huh, come to Texas and I'mma wait
For you to start talkin that trash
Yeah so me and my boys can put somethin on ya ass
How can you say that you're a Christian motherfucker
When you don't even love your own brother
Family boy, whether you like it or not
When will this bullshit stop?
Hatin another man for his skin complexion
But I'm focused in another direction
Straight out the ghetto, into rap
They saw blacks gettin over and tried to hold us back
Fuckin with me, what for?
Cause I ain't slammin a guitar
Fuck you bitch!


King, the man is long gone
But I'm aware that it wasn't that long ago
And he was killed in cold blood by a bigot
Who the dirty ass knew before he did it
The hangins, the whoopins, damn a 5-O
We ain't takin none a that shit no mo'
Call me a nigga if ya wanna
And I'ma run circles around your ass like a Daytona
The white man got us believin
That everythin white is right and black is evil
The only bad thing black is the black eye
You gonna get, frontin me with that bullshit
Skinheads ain't new to this land
It's just another name for the Ku Klux Klan
Every racist in America can suck my dick
And while you're doin it, listen to this
Fuck you bitch!