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Artist: Witchdoctor
Album:  A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual
Song:   Hurtin' 
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Yeah, there's a lot of crime goin' round. Check this out
An eye for an eye. You might get burned. Don't get burned

[Verse One]
Yeah, the streets full of crime
Every momma's boy wanna slang dimes
The streets full of people
Walkin' round, doin' somethin' illegal
Mentally takin' you the farthest
Before you run into a con artist
Uh, full of smokers, arguin' over lighters
Too many voices, not enough writers
The streets full of girls on their merry way
On their knees, tryin' to get a nut everyday
Askin' the Lord for some strength
Certain facilities I don't want to get sent (Pre-trail)
The streets full of guns
Too much to have a home, the streets is the slums
Full of dreamers
Lick hittin', night time schemers
The dope game ain't goin' down soakin'
Until enough motherfuckers stop smokin' 

I been hurtin'
We been hurtin'
They been hurtin'

[Verse Two]
Seem likes ever since my birth and
It feels like I been hurtin'
Pockets ain't on swoll
My tennis shoes don' got old
Don't want to work no 9 to 5
In '94 I was waitin' for the Goodie Mo to get live
And they gonna talk about these pros
That I caught wearin' other niggas clothes
Waitin' around the house
Slap the taste out your mouth
Uh, then boil it up and get a hundred when I sell it
You know I'm funky you can smell it
Or inhale it
Then you might be high
You just might see why
I no lie
People I'm in a crisis
And you don't give a damn cause it ain't your fuckin' life it's
Right? Do we agree?
Agree that y'all don't give a fuck about me
I'm hurtin' call my doctor
Heavenly Father
Won't you break me off something proper