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Artist: The Wreckshop Family
Album:  Doin' it Fa Texas
Song:   You Ain't Ready
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Lock and load, let's go nigga...

You ain't ready nigga, you ain't ready nigga
You ain't ready, you don't know where you headed nigga
You ain't ready nigga, you ain't ready fool
You ain't ready nigga, dog we bout to take you

Niggaz get killed, over bullshit
Me I'm riding one deep up on them thangs, so I'ma pull quick dog
I'm a nigga out the gutter that ain't never had shit
baby bounce to the B-I be back move bricks
Pulling all nighters with the hood hitting licks
whether this that man your dog getting rich
These chicks need they bills paid, so where the ballers at
I'm just a nigga out the gutter, trying to get off some crack
This to my strippers and my pussy poppers, get money boo don't let nothing stop ya
Head doctors break a nigga off proper, mixing in like you in a opera
Papa was a playa fool, inhale crack smoke
Like father like son, nigga that's bullshit I'm hooked on stacks bro
Whoa, the streets bout to see me for real
I hope you ready for your present, dog the gift is here

Niggaz jump fly, with that funny bullshit
But you better hit the deck, when the K start to spit
Like up the boulevard, I ain't playing no games
Me and my niggaz, bout to bang your brains
I love these streets, I eat these streets
When the streets get cold, I heat these streets
Move out the way, when that thang start to stutter
Or find yourself sleeping, with the rats in the gutter
Don't play with me dog, I ain't no toy
Don't play with me dog, I ain't no boy
Get me mixed up, in this rap shit what
I'ma show you, how I cock back and cut
Burn your ass, to the dirty third degree
You better ask J.B., nigga leave us be
I got the homie D-Reck, the boy ain't tripping
He'll catch you with a hook, if you start's to slipping
It's like mirror mirror, on the wall
Who is the gutterest, of them all
Wreckshop trend setters, and see this how it be
It's the Tanker slash captain, so niggaz follow me


[Craig G]
Y'all motherfucking niggaz, ain't ready
I'm gripping the glock I lick shots, leave em sizzling hot
Guard your grill we be rushing em, slugs be busting em
Picking em off, with the sawed off bucks touching em
I'm a hood cat, straight from the gutter that's the hood black
On point precise, bringing the spice with a hood gat
Leaving em flat, my adrenaline rushing
Ready to bust back, it continue when busting
Issue concussions and flesh wounds, bitch niggaz get wet fool
You jump out of line, you gon get hit with that tech fool
I bet ya, this motherfucking slug'll catch ya
And heat your ass up, like a black and decker
Test a young nigga, with that funny bullshit
Leave you flat on your back, in front of the bull pit
Full clip, you niggaz ain't ready for G
Get out my zone, cause you bitches ain't better than me