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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  A Better Tomorrow
Song:   Hold the Heater
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: RZA]
Windshield, rappers are like gnats
They're gettin' splattered 'pon the windshield
Fallin' down like London Bridge, my blade split your onion head
Axe that like Paul Bunyan, Meth prefers the gun instead
Bong bong, put a hole inside your head

[Chorus x2]
We keep it rugged
We keep it rough
We keep it real
We keep it raw

[Verse 1: Cappadonna]
How come the streets don't want me to live?
Plus my niggas keep tellin' me fibs
But the devil done poisoned my wiz
I'm doin' this for my family and kids
I'm tryna be wealthy, take my time right and stay healthy
Said it before but I don't think nobody felt me
Yo tried to understand this hand that this life dealt me
I'm on the verge of a whole new makeover
My fake friends, they can take it like a takeover
I'm ready to eat, I'm ready to grip it
Got enemies everywhere, I got chicks that's wicked
Sick shit, niggas doin' wicked ass wig shit
Bid shit, tellin' jakes that I had the biscuit
Niggas be wantin' my leftovers
I'm like a general that died and lost some of his best soldiers
I burn holsters and I kill that dirt religion
Murk that pigeon and I shoot the television

[Verse 2: U-God]
Got that trey pound on you, run down on you
Hard boiled nigga, Clan top soil
My fam straight royal, I'mma die loyal
When them shooters come for you, better throw your flag 'em
I'm pure gun oil, let 'em see that hand cannon
Foundation strong, never ride a bandwagon
Andrew Jacksons, hand-to-hand transaction
Cops jumped out, caught him with his pants saggin'
Criminal individuals up in here
Wild like the theme park ride called The Buccaneer
Weed in the Tupperware, throw you off the upper tiers
Suweeee, I got all my niggas up in here

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge: RZA]
Imagine the sound of your face scrapin' up against the gate
Of a barbed wire fence, this is barbed iron fist
Heartthrob, iron dick, hoes slob the nob quick
This is odd, so throw it in your iPod quick

[Verse 3: GZA]
[?] activity, constant movement
Buyin' elasticity, such improvement
[?] collapses inward
Spillin' rhymes if it's Shaolin vineyards
RZA had a mixture, then he added sound to the picture
Co-author rewrote the scripture
Math worked from birth, doubled the net worth
Amplified in the time machine of early Earth
A two-way radio, simple yet complex
Receivers, transmitters, interest to contacts
The emergence of the earliest atoms
Transform to a level extremely hard to fathom
Same soup, different bowl, Wu ceramics
Same group on them large-scale dynamics
A wave triggered the burst, glass was shattered
Galactic matter served on a graphic platter

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4: Method Man]
Overachiever, power hungry overeater
I95, whip fly like an overseer
I'm overconfident but some might say I'm overeager
Or overzealous, especially when it's over cheeba
I got a soldier's features, I rock the coldest sneakers
My sneakers' so cold, can't wear 'em 'less you hold the heater
Can't push me over either, that go for dojas
I ain't got no love for posers neither, keep my composure
I'm focused, tryna roll the reefer, let's turn it up
Forget the cope, I'm tryna blow the speaker, that's all he wrote
One verse could turn your soul to ether
It's time you gave me my respects just like the old Aretha, Mr. Meth

[Chorus x2]