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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan f/ Nathaniel
Album:  A Better Tomorrow
Song:   Keep Watch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Method Man]
I ain't trying to be no D-boy
I love music, I'm a b-boy
Are you the undercover or the decoy
I'm heavy with the D, Trouble T Roy
A pit with no muzzle, about to bust your bubble like a keloid
Too much marijuana got me p-noid
I'm killing instrumentals with that All So Simple Can It Be, boy
Shout to Lil Cease, B.I.G., boy
And Funk Doctor Spock, I mean Redman that's not Leonard Nimoy
88 keys on the keyboard
I'm down to catch wreck, take them first three letters out of record
It's Meth, you heard it through the wire I could be more
Or washed up like Sonny Black's body on the seashore
That's a problem, I could be yours
A monster without the mad scientist and Igor
I've heard it before, a third of these boys
Got murder raps and never even murdered before

[Chorus: Nathaniel]
Keep watch, lights out when the beat drop
Keeping the streets locked
I'm calling all G's from each block, from each block
Keep watch, lame niggas out there can kick rocks
Run these streets out here don't need cops
I'm calling all G's from each block, from each block

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
Codename Sensei, I live what my pen say
Game hall of fame, flow is MJ
Muy caliente, je m'apelle Rebel, capiche, comprende?
Son I'm touching 'em up, trust I'm like
Justin Tuck how they ducking the rush
Trying to break bad, you catch a bad break
Like I own a bake shop how I stack cakes
Greatness was nothing, Deck the next Nike ad
Wifey bad and my life got 'em slightly mad
Cause I shine like chrome in July
Soldier I opened your eyes, noticed the lies
DEA say I'm drugging 'em
I get you leaning hard, I get the fiends to nod, I mean they loving 'em
All hail your highness, terrific win
Put a so-called beast in his place, Pacific Rim


[Verse 3: Cappadonna]
Foul ass police, crooked ass friends
I don't give a fuck yo, the drama never ends
I'm a project nigga, I don't care about the Benz
Plus I had a lot of chicks, you can have those bitches
But I murder your bloodclot if you touch my riches
Yeah crazy ass skipper, I be in the slums, nigga
Fuck where I come from I'm a quiet gangster nigga
First I get you comfortable, then I start shanking niggas
Park Hill code is don't violate the family
Brother to brother it's no snakes in the amnesty
I come through wilding on some Wu-Tang Can It Be
Googly-eyed nigga, chop his face in the ministry
Never scared to do the time, fuck the penitentiary
Leave a bunch of dead niggas, don't forget to mention me
The angel of rap, the un-ordinary light
Already did what I was gonna do before you even got the mic

[Verse 4: GZA]
We left a large solar cloud distinguished by size
Interaction with the wise and civilized
The mind caused matter to fall into a center
A great deal of heat that'll radiate within ya
From out of this collision
The central cord became thick enough to trap its own light and bring vision
Each drop full of Hip Hop energy
Balanced on all sides such great symmetry
The bars unlocked the power of the stars
The mirror in the telescope pinpoint the Gods
From a distance, acting as a guiding coach
Analyze the board, universal approach
Retune the soul to a certain pitch
Changing the frequency frequently, hitting a certain switch
The love is paramount, the connect is brotherly
Respect for the intellect and broad discovery