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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan (Ghostface Killah, RZA) f/ Havoc
Album:  Wu-Tang Chamber Music
Song:   Evil Deeds
Typed by: Cno Evil

[kung fu sample]
People have told me
You have ways of killing without dealing a mob
Well so have I

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, come on, what's the deal?

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, pockets is fat like the Good Year blimp
Hollow heads is sterilized in paroxide, waiting for you
Faggot niggas to jump off, your bullshit throne
So I can offer you a tummy tuck
See your stomach is stapled, it's on
It's dangerous down my alley, dog
It's like the halls and I'm outy, dog
Hear the shanks scratching the gate?
See the god Tone standing here for dolo, give you an '89 whooping
Leave your body looking like you was raped
And don't ever come at me sideways, hands in your pocket
Cuz I will turn to Steven Segal, rip your arm out your socket
Ya'll little niggas watch it, I do this for free
Knocking rappers out, trust me, over a clown, I'm not here to make a profit
Nigga, if this was the arts, it be the best kung fu
And I'm Tone Yao Chin, serving ya'll wonton soup
I do shit like disarm a group, drink a 40 with him
And tell ya'll niggas stay the fuck out my loot

[Chorus: RZA]
My nina, my nine-ah, Medina, marauder
Sabrina, discard her, redeem her, for Allah
Supreme architecture, the beat spark connector
Inject in my serum, infiltrate in your sector

Bobby Steels keep steels concealed, be still
Leave you fifty shot banana clips with free refils
Guns bursting, one person is curtains for certain
Most often fill coffins, no nursing or surgeons
Is needed, bloods depleated, your body deleted
Like unsaved wav files, no way to retrive it
Best believe it, frosting the cat
I remember that, my moms put gunpowder inside my Similac
My brain is untamed, some claim, that's stunning strangers
Cuz of my basement, I keep studios in gun ranges
Plus, I got more G's than Sicily
Pizzeria rotisserie, burn MC's out they misery


Aiyo, Ghost, these niggas pussy, mind that take mine
I feel you, form on 'em, yeah, I ain't sharping nothing
I put it in they mouth, I have a nigga kiss the nine
I be mellow, next minute flip, like I just sniffed a line
Ya'll never commited crimes, your rap line forgery
Niggas want war, I invite all cordialy
They assed out morally, how they in skinny jeans
And never fix they mouth to even fucking go to war with me
Oh, that's how you feel, then handle that accordingly
Lay 'em out, bounce before the jake is even on to me
Lay back in the crib, your bitch give me orally
I don't want beef, I'm like Pookie, this is caling me
I ain't with that Twitter shit, nigga try to follow me
Watch you get hit like the Mega Million lottery
I don't got time to be, playing with you faggots
I'mma show you muthafuckas why the call me Havoc, H

[kung fu sample]
So, these killings
When are they gonna come to an end?
Will he ever finish?
Probably the next to see, he must find the Lizard


[kung fu sample]
You just asked me, when will it end?
Hahahahaha, well let me tell you
Once an evil deed is done, then it never ends
It goes on, and it will go on forever...