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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Chamber Music
Song:   Fatal Hesitation
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"Don't pursue him.
 It would be dangerous.
 Because that might force him to kill you.
 And he would not hesitate to do that."

"May I know your name?"

"You two men, I assume are new pupils of the temple."


"Hmm, I am Hee Mai."


"I was ordered by your reputed abbot
 to enter into retreat here.
 It seems destiny has so arranged things
 that we meet here.
 Now tell me what particular styles
 of kung-fu you are learning here."

"I am learning boxing."

"Hmm. Well I'll teach you boxing.
 And also how to use the whip.
 However, in return for this though
 you must do something for me."

"Could you tell us what you'd like us to do?"

"I have two serious female disciples.
 One is Mau Tru Wah, and the other is Win Len Jong.
 My husband died. He was killed some time ago
 in a battle with the Wu-Tang."