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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan (Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck) f/ AZ
Album:  Wu-Tang Chamber Music
Song:   Harbor Masters
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, hold on, this is the way that I'm cut, right?
Or why I sing, how I dipped under red lights
Martini's is Ghost Deini's, stretched out
On stage with the gauge, flash the tech like Clint East'
Polo drawers, valour headband, Genova convertible couch
In the back, with the two nightstands
I'm the man, nigga, when I come through, dressing rooms
Had the goose ready, renting cream and a bag of shrooms
And a nice suite, room service every five minutes, I need a foot massage
Tell the massause, she can't do it for me, do it for God
I got the mix CD on pause with all DeBarge
Oil me up, please, my nuts, read me a story
Tuck me in, something like the seeds'll say
Pass me the cold fresh squeezed OJ, I got five hundred
Under my pillow, after I'm done, do my DJ

[Chorus 2X: Ghostface Killah]
Cause of that, I'mma rock the show tonight
The Twat Team, gon' get those hoes tonight
That's Theodore shit, if you in your whip
Two step, you slipped, get your whole crew wet

Stand like the Eiffel, move spiteful
Sport the Nike shoe, nice with the mic since high school
Fuck who like who, fend to not, niggas, trifeful
Plot cycles, to get dough, it's so delightful
Criminal IQ's, spiral convo's with the sky view
This is what I do, pioneer, my peeps Power Rule
Fuck Yacub, I'm factual, true and living
Polo polobos with the true religion, no superstition
This beat is sorta proof to listen, and hear the real
So you New Jack niggas kneel, sit it still
Lick a fifth, get your piff and chill, fix your grill
It's ill, seen the game vanish in air
From DeLores to the glamourest gear, show and prove
How I move, you know hammers is near, never fool
Appear rude, though my manners is there, get it straight
Say my grace, before stuffing my face

[Chorus 2X: AZ]
Cause of that, I'mma rock this show tonight
Hustle hard, I'mma get that dough tonight
Crime Money, all we do is just two step
Slip up, and get your whole fucking crew wet

[Inspectah Deck]
Fuck the radio, the corners respect, Soldier I
I'mma about to get fly, like I'm boarding a jet
Watch your mouth, little homey, I demolish your rep
I'm like Mohamed Atta, when I'm bombing the set
Bottom line, you got a problem with Deck, I'm like the police gun, son
A nigga name pop in the 'jects
Hate in your blood, green eyes, watching my step
I'm all money like the Pres, no stopping the rest
This is Stones and grown man poking his chest
Play hero watch the K blow a hole in your vest
Why I flow like I know I'm the best, cuz I'm spitting the piff
Half of ya'll dudes rollin' with stress
Come and see me, son, you know the address
10304 block work, first homey, show me the checks
Hood crooks living over the edge, Ghost saying nah
That's a good look, focus, respect, yup

[Chorus 2X: Inspectah Deck]
Cause of that, I'mma rock this tonight
Light your weed, pop ya ects', let's go tonight
House Gang on the dance floor, two step
You out of line, get your lame ass crew wet