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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan (RZA)
Album:  Chamber Music
Song:   Supreme Architecture
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*instrumental for the first 11 seconds*}

For the supreme architecture
That's the one who come with the most illest ideas
The one who come with the illest creation
A supreme architecture is actually someone who build the universe
If I personally say I'm the supreme architecture
I'm I'm lettin Allah speak right, right there knahmsayin?
I'm speakin right through that, I'm I'm becomin a vehicle

{*15 seconds of instrumental*}

Word it's like the truth
They say the truth shall set you free
You hear the truth, it sets you free
So, mathematics is truth
When it adds up, there's no error
The only time there's an error
when man miscalculate his own... problem
knahmean his own equations