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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Wu-Tang Demo Tape *
Song:   The Wu is Comin' Through
Typed by: Tha Masta,


Yeah, yeah, check the flavor of this

Yo see my pinky? See my thumb?
See my fist? Ya better get the hell outta here

[RZA & Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda

This is the Wu-Tang Clan, we wanna bomb ya

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Brothas get petro when Ason appears
When I step into your atmos', here comes the fear
Can I get riggy-diggy-raw, huh? Man!
Who's knows your shields, yes the man I am
Which means I'm clean, another slang on your brain
Forget about all that handy flocks and chains
I'm popular, straight from the opera
I rocks on a nigga cuz I'm about ta
Blow up! With the jaws, the party I'm in there
Ya step to the Shaolin, throw the blunt to the rear
What time is it? It's time to whip the whip
Mad difference to the pockets, feelin legit
cuz when I come out this way, I don't play
to put a brother away, Chk-BLAOW! Blown away
Give it to ya raw, my style is hardcore
Don't funk the jaw, Wu-Tang jaw
Shit is about to get funky in here
I die for this cuz you're shot when I'm there
Whoever's with me, you better step with me
Right now, if not, another beat down

[Chorus 9X: RZA]
The Wu is comin through!

Yo it might sound dramatic, I'm a rap fanatic
The mic is a habit, I gots to grab it
Whipped it, flipped it then I sticked it
Enter my pocket once I've rocked it
Sound is known as the high sin dome
Like smoke from a blunt when it enters the dome
The deliver the method to improve my effort
of my flow when I got buckwild with the record
MC's laid up, they heard my flavor
Got a bomb whip like my next door neighbor
Never the effect of 28 got me paranoid
Girls are somethin I can't avoid
Gimme gimme gimme, I stay when I'm simmy
but I won't say a gift without somethin on my Jimmy
This is the slicksta when I gets ya sister
Flipped ya, hit her then I'm quick ta
Live New York with a two dime talk
Then who keeps walkin through the Times speed talkin
Those who hit the, flow seems to get ya
Hit you and then Big Prince come and stick ya
and I'll be havin you, runnin up the Avenue
My rhymes that be grabbin you and beats that be stabbin you
Some fail to fuckin voodoo, the drunken monk
If it ain't loud enough, pop ya trunk

[Chorus 9X]

[Outro: RZA]
So what you gonna do?

"Wu-Tang crew" -> Ol' Dirty Bastard *cut and scratched a few times*