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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Wu-Tang Demo Tape *
Song:   Enter the Wu-Tang
Typed by: Tha Masta


"Gotta get that, all the way" (3.5X)

Provider of the blow, yo enter the Wu-Tang crew
with verses that curses dudes like Tal Bo
Designed by the mastermind on the mic
(Ohh, We Love You Rakeem) Yea girl aight
Recite to his vidals to idol my title
There's no survival for any rival
Check it check it, my style is perfected
I attack when y'all least it expect it
Corel pounds fouls with the Shaolin style
Puff the White Al's then break wild
Wild wild west, oh yes I suggest
ya bop to the beat, release all ya stress
I got the proper hip-hop to rock ya
Enter with the Wu-Tang flow, call a doctor
But there's no sickness, only rhyme inflictness
and a slang that seems to be addictive
I got the new rocks, get on Shorty Doo Wop
Love the baracud', come on dance on the block
So go and do your thang and let me du my thang
RZA puts the bang, Enter the Wu-Tang

[Chorus: RZA, (sample)]
Can you Wu, Wu-Tang? (MY GOD!)
Can you Wu, Wu-Tang? (MY GOD!)
Can you Wu, Wu-Tang? (MY GOD!)
Can you Wuuu-Tang (MY GOD!)

Those who try to oppose me or even overthrow me
I'm takin more falls than Wild E. Coyote
You can't snag me, rag-tag or bag me
I'd have your ass runnin like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy
Make decisions, to what? 'Catch that pigeon'
But I escape right from your fuckin vision
Blasted, as I mastered you bastards
You tried to be slick like Dastard, Dick Dastard
I got the remedy to kill off my enemies
Carry two guns all my time like Yosemite
Sam, god damn, my style is mad flam
I SLAM! That's the kind of man that I am
The black butterfly, what a guy! What a guy!
Rhymes of harmony like a soft lullabye
So give a SUUUUUU! Real love's gettin Power-U
In ninety-two, Enter the Wu

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: RZA]
Yea, the Wu-Tang Clan, somethin new in ninety-two
Comin through with the Fatal Flying Guillotines
So Protect Ya Neck
Power Equality, Allah Cee's Everything
That means peace..