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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Wu-Tang Demo Tape *
Song:   Wu-Tang Master
Typed by: Tha Masta


[Chorus: Kung Fu samples]
You would do anything to get all of the Wu-Tang sword styles!
	The Wu-Tang sword style (2X)

Yo, enter the dragon, the kid I'm for baggin
Whip them now it's time to start raggin
Victim's two for this if they got the proper
Step up please to play the Ra, shut
Head first that's the wrong blow to throw
Jump fit now step what you dead
You arouse the anger, the Wu-Tang slanga
That diga-diga-danger
Just go on the issue and make me wanna get a tissue
Dismiss you, put it to your head and dismiss you
for your weak rhyme proposal, I just froze you
cuz you chose to play me for a softy
I freeze so many MC's they ought to call me frosty
Not sho man, no man is a slow man
I be makin dough like the Pillsbury dough man
and burnin MC's is all natural
Be like cabby and go up and laugh at you
and while he laughin I be bombin
Calmin, alarmin sound that be bombin
MC's like a group of Killa Beez
No one in the world make rhymin trilogies
Slick majestic but you can past the
Prince Rakeem is the Wu-Tang Master

[Chorus 4X]

Kick to the tragic, rabic, tactic of rappin
you bastard and prepare your casket
Death is the finally step when y'all step
to intercept the rep of the brother who has kept
his status, stop the madness, that is
I'm not the gladest, the baddest
the phattest but Rakeem is the cleanest
but Rakeem is the CREAM when it comes to my team
Know what I mean?
Past imperial, bust my itereria
I blow from Bolivia to Nigeria
Just to know that black, y'all could know that
Me bein wack is like naps on Kojack
Non-existent, ya keep ya distance
You wanna battle? Bring assistance
Proxy, moxy, groups of troupers
Pullin super duper, wanna step to ya
Pass the stereo, king with the venerial
Here's the imperial I fucked up my stereo
You pop your glocks and watch the Fort Knox
Why not? I got flavor like Dr. Butterscotch
You can't hang with the slang I register
Now you wanna make a replica but you could never past the
Prince Rakeem, the Wu-Tang Master

[Chorus to fade]