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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Wu-Tang Demo Tape *
Song:   Problemz
Typed by: Tha Masta


[woman] I'm sick doc, when can you help me?
       My mind's thinkin bout shit I don't wanna think about
[doc]   Pssh.. that's yo' problem

[Chorus 4X: sample *singing*]
Comfort me, you are this and that
You are this and that

Yo, check out yo..
I never listen to the things that my brother keeps tellin me
Hittin up thoroughly cuz my dreams are deep felony
Brothers on the beat have me high as I'm Brighton be
My legend on the verge of convertin me
Poppa be tellin me what I should be
Grand dad talks up things that I could be
Friends are finicky what I'm gonna be
When no one ever asked me, what I wanna be
A teenager house keep arresting me, big head and brothers keep testin me
I don't understand, the way my bothers lovin me
Outter world pushin me, inner world shoving me
No tape out but my friends keep provokin me
Commotion is constantly chokin me
Havin nightmares with guilt that is hurtin me
Tryin to avod this crab girl that is wantin me
Somebody help me, I've gotta be free
of the trouble of society, I have problems

[Chorus 3X]

Now they got me out buggin, strung out on crack
Be gettin discriminated because I'm black
My house once was a mansion but now it's a shack
My best friend talked about me, behind my back
Things would change, I thought that at first, right?
Time goes on, things got worst
Poppa now drinking, and he hit me
When I relayed it to my girl, she quit me
Tryin to make a better way but it keeps holdin me
Deadly bomb, now she is schoolin me
My brother fightin me, neighbor dog bitin me
What is goin down? No one is invitin me
Be put into the parcel , it's not healin me
Broke as sex and it's killin me
I was a good citizen now I'm a leech
Get some other girl to increase my grief
My mom said that she better off without me
No girl, no friends, who cares about me?
Grand dad is mad, about to have a heart attack
Grandma is worried, she may think I'm on crack
I could collapse but I could feel myself
Come to the conclusion, maybe I should kill myself
You see what I'm going through?
I have problems, what can I do?

[Chorus 4X]

I go to sleep to keep my mind from my sorrow
Hopin it'll be a new and better day tomorrow
and as I sleep, I dream, rearrangin, changin all bad things
The light is clear, my thoughts flushed loose
Things that I do well I put it to use
I rap, I write, I co' rock the mic
I do things good cuz it's things that I like
So I make the demo tape with my voice on track
Took it to Melquan, he sent it back
With a note attached sayin he admired me
Made me a contract and then hired me
Now I'm makin records, everybody praise me
Do I get scooped man? It doesn't phaze me
My rep is known all on the town
I once was lost but now I'm found
Put the pen to the fullest, brand new attitude
To those who helped me, I give my gratitude
Have a new girl, new friends, new ways
Could pass the gun now I have a new thing
It is true we all have problems
Well reach deep down inside of yourself and you'll solve those problems...

[Chorus to fade]

Divine Prince Master Rakeem Allah