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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  8 Diagrams
Song:   Life Changes
Typed by: Cno Evil, Tha Masta

[Intro: Method Man] + (Raekwon)
(Yeah, yeah) Aiyo, how much more for a fifth of Vodka? (Peace beloved)
(Six bottles of Henny, six bottles of Henn) Word, word, let me get that
Herb, yeah, yeah.. (bring that bucket here)
Yeah (get some ice, man, two more bottles of Cru', man, word up)

[Chorus 2X: Freda Payne sample]
I've gone through life pretending
That time will change the ending

[Method Man]
Peace to the God (peace God) pour out a little liquor
Shame On A Nigga, I heard the reaper done came to get ya
So I done copped a fifth of, Vodka, and in your honor
I've grown this fetish for loose ladies and baby mommas
Some say it's bad karma, what you do, man, it come back on ya
Music got us up off them crack corners
Now I'mma swallow this whole bottle for Ol' Dirty
Damn, it's hurts me, I hate it when brother's go early

[Chorus 2X]

Word to my son, he gon' remember you, rubbing on a statue
In his lab, that resemble you, and what it meant to Wu
Us forming like a family, you just blew
You was the chess piece on the board, that made us look true
Watching your pen swish, you love frying kingfish
You the pearl in the ocean, I'm up on the land, pissed
Now you moving more prestigious, me, hitting this reefer
I know it's real, guess I slept with the Black Jesus

[Chorus 2X]

I became weak when I heard, that his body expired
It was hard for me to believe my brother retired
Suddenly the clock stopped and the room started spinning
How can he walk off the field during the first inning?
I cried like a baby on the way to his place of death
Hate not being there, the minutes before he left
Now I'm in the booth, ten feet from where he lay dead
I think about him on this song and what he might've said

[Chorus 2X]

[Masta Killa]
When I first heard the word, I needed air to clear my head
I know you didn't say what I thought you said, my brother's dead
You crazy, another Dirty prank to get the family cranked
Ya'll niggas shouldn't play like that, I know how you feel
Lord, but it's real, and I still can't believe
And my heart still grieves the loss, there's no pretending
Ason Unique, loved wine and fine women
We singing on tour, "ooh baby, we like it raw" (we like it raw)

[Chorus 2X]

[Interlude: Inspectah Deck - over hook]
Can't pretend...
Some day it gotta come to an end
But I'ma keep you right here dog, real close to my heart

[Inspectah Deck]
I popped a bottle on your born day, God
Tried hard not to cry, I still can't hide the scar
And I still ask, why to God, analyzing your form
As I stood there beside your mom
And I share the blame, cuz you was calling for help, kid
Should've, would've, could've, had the time, I was selfish
I carry on your struggle, each day it really hurts me
I really miss you Russell, hope you forgive me Dirty

[Chorus 2X]

Yo, these walls I wanna crash, and put my fists through
Shout out to Dirty, let the whole world miss you
Reach out and kiss you in your coffin, my heart races
I dropped tears and watch my nigga fall from greatness
It's all wasted, flushed down the drain and
Soon as the news hit me, I bust out with pain and
Rivers I cried, my brother just died
I'mma see you, my nigga, on the other side

[Chorus 2X]

Ah, man, how do I say goodbye?
It's always the good ones that have to die
It's hard to live without you, God, I shouldn't have doubt you
When you said that The Passion of Christ was all about you
From the God Mobile, to Linden Plaza, to Brownsville
Florida to Ohio, to Putnam, to Park Hill
You interrupt the Grammy's said "Wu for the kids"
Took four or five shots when they rushed in the crib
Trey-five-seven cracked ya ribs, cops shot ya whip
You've been chased by the pigs, sold the four year bid
Crashed cars, still came out without a scar
They tried to keep ya free spirit trapped in a jar
So you'll keep ya mouth shut, and not tell the world
Who's who and what's what, and probably go nuts
How we treat them hoes? Dirt, how we treat them hoes?
We fuck 'em in the butt, Dirt


[Freda Payne sample]
But those mistakes behind me
Cast shadows to remind me

*gong bangs*
*man speaking Mandarin*