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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan f/ Poppa Wu, Uncle Pete
Album:  Wu-Tang Forever
Song:   Wu-Revolution
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These things just took over me
Just took over my whole body
So I can't even see no more
I'm calling my black woman a bitch
I'm calling my peoples all kinds of thing that they not
I'm lost brother, can you help me
Can you help me brother, please

You see what we did, we lost the love
I'm talking 'bout the love
The love of your own

But brother, but brother, but brother, check this out
I still don't understand man, I'm all high off this shit man

Well, what I'm trying to say my brother
Why, why do we kill each other
Look at our children, what kind of a future
This is the training thats gonna be given to you
By the Wu, brothers and sisters
     The revolution, the revolution
It's time to rise, and take our place
     Will be televised, televised
So we can inherit the universe
The planet earth belongs to God
     This is ninety, ninety, ninety-seven
Every square inch of it
That he chose for himself
Is the best part
     Yeah, the revolution should be, televised)
By every strong woman
     To the highest power
You'll find a strong man
And by every strong man
You'll find a strong woman
     Wont you agree
The universe is not completed
Without the sun, moon, and stars
     Wont you be for real
Thats man, woman, and child
     To the highest power
To all you fake ass niggas who
Think you gonna survive out here
Without your black woman, you're wrong
They have attraction powers on the planet
     I wanna be free
We are original man, the Asiatic black man
The maker, the author, the cream of the planet earth
     Wanna be free, yeah
Father of civilization and daughter of the universe
     Want to be free, oh yeah
The population was seventeen men
With the two man indians
Making a total of nineteen men for all
Being, for all men, all over the planet earth
     Mandela, Mandela, Mandela, Wu revolution king yeah
Arise you gods, cause the time for the revolutional war
Thats the mental war
     Malcolm X, Malcolm X, Malcolm X
Thats the battle between god and devil
     Gonna be free
Take the devil off your plane
Take him off your mental mentality
Take him off your brain
     Make a change, from my mind
Leave all the ciggarettes and guns
The alcohol and everything
Thats the mental devil that exists within your body
     Take this pain
Thats destroying and decaying your mind
     Take these chains, off my mind
The mind controls the body
Everything within must come out
     Want to be free
Don't look towards the sky
Cause there's no heaven above
Don't look down beneath your feet
There's no hell below
     Want to be free
But heaven and hell exist within
Heaven is what you make it and
Hell is what you're going through
     There is only one, Jah
     There is a whole new one, faith
     There is a holy one
     World, revolution yeah
At one time it was told to me
That man came from monkeys, ha ha ha
That we were swingin from trees
I hardly can believe that unless I'm dumb deaf and blind
     Save the children
You ever heard about, the ape man?
     Gonna be free
And the ape woman?
     Hey, want to be free
You have a mankind, that has a beginning to him
And his ending, is about to come
     Oooh, yeah
     If you take one step
     I will take one with you
     Through the stormy vein
     Swim the deepest sea, with you my brother
     I know, you got to be strong
     Gotta hold on
Now the story is about to close
It was a hundred percent of us
     Save the children
That came on the slave ships
Eighty five percent of our people
     They're our future
Was uncivilized
Poison animal eaters
They're slaves of the mental powers
     Save the children
They don't know who the true and living god is
And all the orchards in the world
     Save the children
So they worship what they know not
and they're easily lead in the wrong direction
And hard to be lead in the right
And now you got the ten percent
Who are rich slave makers of the poor
Who teach the poor lies that make the people believe
that the all mighty true and living god is a spook in the sky
     Save the children
And you can't see him with the physical eyes
They're also known as blood suckers of the poor
     Save the children
And then you got the five percent
Who are the poor rightous teachers
who do not believe in the teachings of the ten percent
        Save the children
Who is all wise and know who the true and living god is
And teach that the true and living god IS
supreme being black man from asian
Otherwise known as civilized people
Also Muslims, and Muslims sons
Peace we out

[Cut to Kung-Fu clip]
I have given it much thought
It seems, disaster must come
At best, only postponed
Shaolin Kung-Fu
to survive must now be taught, to more young men
We must expand, get more pupils
So that the knowledge will spread