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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Family Reunion (S)
Song:   Family Reunion
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Masta Killa]
My seeds, grow with his seeds, marry his seeds
My seeds, grow with his seeds, marry his seeds
That's how we keep Wu-Tang money all up...

[Masta Killa]
It's good to see the Wu-Tang family under one roof
We celebrate toasts and shots, Ciroc forty proof
Burgers on the grill and fried fish, the wiz made
Potato salad, beans for a side dish
Cold water, Miller, reminiscence with cousins and sisters
Children on the grass playing ball and Twister
Fresh lemonade is made, we playing Spades
My nephews turn the living room into an arcade
Aunt Cherry baked pies, surprised Johnny showed up
You can tell from the smell in the air, something's rolled up
It's love, peace & happiness with the joy and laughter
Camera phones flash as the moment is captured

It's so nice to see, all the folks you love, together
Sitting in the parking lot
All the things that's been going down

[Method Man]
It's going down, yo
We rock all in together now, Wu-Tang forever, now
Twenty years later, we still bang, whatever, now
Turn change to cheddar, if I can take a quote from Obama
Change is better, I vow to never let you down
Remember Meth Tical? In my circle, haters is never round
I'm a boss, owe that to Kevin Liles
Reunited, the whole world excited
Wu-Tang is for the kids, and we pulling girls inside it

[Chorus: sample]
Family reunion, got to have a family reunion
Family reunion, it's so nice
To come together, to get together
I wish grandma could see, the whole family
I sure miss her face, and her warm and tender embrace

[Ghostface Killah]
I miss my grandmother, my aunts and Unique Ason
I knew Dirt was high when we had that face on
Fangs hanging out his mouth, his fronts was golden
Wilding, record execs can't control him
He said shit like "Me and Mariah, hit me, oh-oh-whoa-oh" That's fire
Still no matter what, we gon' rep your name
Look at your family, we got twenty years in the game


Aiyo, I'd like to make a toast
To my Wu-Tang family, all over the globe
East coast, West coast, all my brothers in the hood, keeping it good
Peace to the Gods and Earths, all my Latino brothers, my Asian brothers, my
Caucasian brothers
Wu-Tang forever, I seen you, God, do that stuff
Yeah, we still for the babies, RZARectah