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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  n/a *
Song:   St. Ide's

*       this is the commercial Wu-Tang Clan made for St. Ide's malt liquor

[Method]    Oh yeah, comin through with my Shaolin crew
            Two cent for a case, gimme St. Ide's brew
            In the midst of broken bottles and crushed up cans
            Methtical's in a jam on how dry I am

[Raekwon]   ... with St. Ides in my system
            crack another I'm blitzed, let's go hit the next one
            Hang it over, the object is to stay sober
            Lay on the sofa, better yet, dial my chauffeur

[Ghostface] Who's the Wallabee kid, stressed out, could never be Son
            Ricochet daily hit the deli for a cold one
            Naturally blessed, yes, my rap is like a laser beam
            that blow between the bushes, St. Ide's and I the king of teams

[U-God]     Crack the bottle of the St. Ide's, sippin to those
            Who don't realize that drinkin ain't only to be drunk
            You can't drive, keep my peoples alive
            And if the saint don't know you from a can of paint

[RZA]       It was hot, on the spot, so I jetted at the block
            And I asked for St. Ide's, I could tell by the dot
            On the back he rebuilt it... not that charcoal filtered
            Ice cold bottle tilted... to my cup he spilt it
            AAAAAAAAAAH!!! ST. IDES!  mmmmmmmmmmm...