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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan (Ghostface) f/ Action Bronson, Termanology
Album:  Legendary Weapons
Song:   Meteor Hammer
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One: Ghostface Killah]
Yo... yo~!
I don't touch that swine, I want that unnecessary beef
You smoke garbage buds, we smoke tons of Keith fishin
Lookin for that big mouth bass and
Flashin, jack your whole stash in, fashion
Keep my goons lined in an orderly fashion
It's glossy, with five hundred horsies in the Benz
Tinted out to spend the night you ain't got ends
Your funds is low stack, your bitch been a hoe Jack
Still scoop her up, bring her home and blow that
Cause Ghost be, mostly, lookin pretty toasty
Front row at the Mayweather vs. Mosley
with a Bin Laden bottle, a Brazillian model
Got the paparazzi jumpin like I hit the lotto
I party hard, like I'm fresh out of the cages
Outrageous, like Charlie Sheen, out in Vegas

[Verse Two: Action Bronson]
You drop your pants at your ankles at the urinal at the ballgame
I'm on the stool gettin brain from a tall dame
Cause I'm five-eight, shorty like six-two
Feed her coke, locked jaw like a pitbull
I was born to rep, you fuckin with a hornet's nest
Old shooters in the corner like porno set
Young boys that be handlin the rock
Chris Paul dish off, hammer in the sock
Gold flakes in the Goldschlager
The ammo green XJ-12, you know the old Jaguar
Got the birchwood lacin the interior
Poppy bagels gettin flavored out with Syria
Only the farm's best laced plates, cheese that reach maturity
Dick sucks from Shannon Doherty
Take your temperature anally and orally
Make a batch at home and strizzle royally with oil B

[Verse Three: Termanology]
Hopping out the Rolls Royce, rolls gold nouveau
Diamond studded shoes so, flyest nigga you know
Puerto Rican version of Scarface, fuck what the Gods say
Disrespect, piss in your broad's face
Chains stay chunky like Oprah belly
Got the purple and the brown - peanut butter and jelly
When I step up in the spot with the rocket
you see the popular poppin rappers go in they pocket and pull out they wallet
When I click-clack, now, get up on the ground
Cause I Onyx, Pete Rock, Chuck D, "Shut 'Em Down"
You know Term' I'm the kid with the Preem beats
Butter pecan J-Lo kid with the mean cheeks
Rubies on my gold fronts, iced out notebook
Making volcanos in the kitchen when the coke cook
I rode around with all kinds of thugs
High on drugs, pissin out tiger blood