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Artist: Wu-Tang Clan (Inspectah Deck, U-God) f/ Tre Williams
Album:  Legendary Weapons
Song:   Never Feel This Pain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Inspectah Deck]
Born with the struggle, used to hustle for crumbs
Fillin blunts in the building front thuggin for ones
Full clips, fly dicks, down somethin to pump
Whole cliques fly whips, dimes nothin to son
City boy on the corner, I was so involved
So the drama I embraced it with open arms
Was tryin to shake the pain, hopin I could break the chains
Every day the same, who am I to make a change?
Will my niggaz risk it all just to play the game?
And the young'uns goin through it tryin to play the same
Through the rain, through the fire, handcuffed by desire
Sent to your son, forgive me for the sins that I've done

[Chorus: Tre Williams]
My life, my pain lasts forever
Nothin in these streets makes it better
My life, my pain lasts forever
Nothin in these streets makes it better
And so I live on

Sittin here thinkin drinkin got a, lot on my mind
Is my, life shrinkin am I, caught in the times
It's a, quarter to nine and I'm, grabbin my 9
I had dreams I just, wanted to rhyme
Climb my ways out these whack-ass ghettos
I signed my name on the line with the devil
Still in my prime weight but lost minds are settled
Pots on the stove, move grandma's kettle
Late for my job, he thinks he's a star
She hates her husband, she says I'm a slob
Mixed feelins she ain't gettin involved
Battle of the sexes, the planet's off its axis
The IRS God damn I owe these taxes
The truth hurts, but I can take it
It's a long time comin, but I can make it
No mistakin, the cream is back


[Inspectah Deck]
I'm standin on my own two
I got my niggaz, true niggaz, real niggaz~!
Stop the wheel really? You only feel me
if you walk the same road, talk the same code
Still dwellin in the hell and find the time to make a home
The few who escape will try to find a safer zone
I ain't waitin for Obama, never doubted him, I'm proud of him
He real, he'll spend a couple million in the housing then
seein is believin, my vision is blurred
Cause I ain't seein nothin I heard, really nothin but words
The bottom line I'm still stuck to the curb
Sky high but it wasn't the sherm, really nuttin but herbs
I risk it all for the cause
Even if it's war with the law won't pause
I can't won't don't stop, I ain't got an off switch
Dyin tryin to live it just to get a small part of it
My squad is sick, type that you don't want problems with
Rollin like 70 Mack trucks, what's stoppin it?

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Tre Williams]
Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh said I live
I live, I live, oohhhhhhhwhoahhhhhhh