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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   The Cook
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1st Verse: 

This was a man who did everything by his book 
You could say with plan in hand and was known as the cook
Victoria street but nothing royal about it 
Sometimes brought-the-heat in the toilet of Melbourne  
He thought there could only be one dealer 
To become a lord He would need to sell tons of the clearer... Rock 
And a fucked up version of Jesus with his own flock 
Handing out free teasers but this guy had the stock 
Anyone who didn't please him would die by his glock
Not much reason to his life other than being on the top 
Till one day a undercover cop...
Posed as an addict 
And lied through his nose to get near this savage 
Taking down this dude 
Would make less pure

2nd Verse: 

The officer is well on his way of taking down this guy
But coping-it-hard by his friends at the station for now...
Finally built up a repor with the cook 
But blindly walks into his home slash store and doesnt look...
And realize what happening around him 
Real ice in his pipe to test his co-operation 
Does he confess or smoke what might be laced...and 
Everything is slowing down 
Chemistry is what his toking now 
And the cook ain't stupid 
All it takes is a crook to move-it 
Police man falls to floor 
Under the creeks of the door 
Is the sound of defeat and much more 
This cook can turn a neat girl into such a whore