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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   I'll Be Your Ghostwriter
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1st Verse:
Why does pop music get a good wrap?
I've never heard pop music with a good rap
Dr Sues is in the hood cos I jacked his hat
Now the author wants his acid back
Cos his placid on crack
Took him to the strippers within minutes was snatch on his lap
I told him to Mack a bitch so he gave her a burger
Had me in a stitch and I told him its worth-it
I said you fuck your stories up so im here to be your personal verbal surgeon 
I'll be your ghostwriter
Give you the whole meal and you can be a toast biter
Nah you have nothing to offer me I changed my mind
Now fuck off of your bothering me like a unpaid fine
You can write your own shit
You need a pilot flight without ownership
Contact sony kid

2nd Verse:
People tell you not get someone to write your raps
Mine are too lethal to do and might snap the mic jack
But promises are promises
So I'll honor the opposite...
Respect I have for you as an emcee
Detect-ing hatred like I'm not a member of freemasonry 
Step one jump on the scene
Step two obtain groupies that are fuck machines
Step three get paid from luck cos you hired a one man team...
But really you don't need me at all
As most emcees out there today have the skill of a door...
There open to anyone kinda like a whore
So write some more
I'm sure...
someone will dig it
You might win a grammy someone will rig-it