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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   Splash
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1st Verse:

He was young dumb and full of cum
But her heart he won under the sun of the beach it was all fun...
For him then emotions from the heart kicked in
It would be the oceans they connected with and as one they would swim 
A surfer dude with his hippie missus
Their love would never die even though they swam with the fishes
GOD's dam was his mistress
Now she would wax his board and plant a kiss on his cheek
He would tax flowers from the store and she thought it was sweet
Australian weather bought the heat
They both lived for the moment and stayed devoted
At night they would look up at the stars
And light up weed rolled in Cuban cigars
There were only a few-men that found true love
And he knew-then she would be his heart
A proposal would forever end the dark

2nd Verse:
The waves on the sea were as big as always
And curve to perfection he will be spending minutes in those wet hallways
Running up and down the sand would be his way of foreplay
She sat on the sand playing acoustic guitar
And watched him in the water but noticed something bizarre 
It wasn't a dolphin but a ferocious shark 
She dropped the six string
And rushed in to swim
But there was already red salt water
And she felt slaughter...
Of the man who was her other half
The sand she fell upon and smothered hard
Slowly making it towards their beach towels and bags
And to that she would reach out and grab...
A engagement ring
It represented an amazing thing...
Years later she became famous as a musician 
Because in her lyrics there were tears on all the pages and his memory was her cushion