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Artist: Xale
Album:  Australian Wildlife
Song:   The Start of Something Horrorshow
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1st Verse:
My clock works like an orange
A verbal glock squirt fucking up so many lives like I'm Masonic 
Find me in a turtle shirt cos my necks sliced I speak in demonic...
You say that's nice and peep your wallet
Why would you pay 20 bucks to hear a creep misogamist?
Obsessed with sick dreams and dead psychologists?
My entire family are a success and I'm the blackest of sheep
It's because I re-wired my sanity and love to undress the fattest of cheap
I'm just singing in the rain
Bust a jimmy in a dame
Thrust between titties it's a shame
I don't want your number or your name
Where are my droogs at?
Yeah Alex that picture of a dead babysitter is still on your twitter better move that!
Don't get stopped when I litter...a smooth cat
See you in glitter I'll be the one with a huge fat
2nd Verse:
I've got Stanley cut in his cube brick grave
Saying ban-this-fuck his no Nick Cave...
This entire track is just me biting a movie
Don't believe me rewind it back and have some ice cream or a smoothie
Get excited might scream like a groupie on rufies
Press stop before this gets more confusing 
Than a amusing 
With a blue-screen
Believe it or not drugs I'm not using
So at least now you know what your in for
A yeast infection and many of cold-sores
Fucking disgrace to my country dodging work
Putting out a disgusting cd of dodgy words
It'll be out for years and I'll be the one to cop it first
3rd Verse:
If you've made it this far I take my hat off to you
If you get laid at a bar your a mack and im unusual 
You kidding bitches don't want xale and his crusty undies
They want riches and hundreds of hundreds
What was I thinking this isn't a good legacy I'm leaving
What was I drinking waking up with wood in a cemetery only one breathing
Ed Gein style only one thieving
Pull my file officer and get me outta these draws
Even whores slam doors and yours...
Landlord: move me
Camcord: booty
Man I'm moody
I hope you bought this album with stolen money
Cos nothing's clean about it like Colleen honey
I'm cold let's pray I never get sunny