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Artist: Xzibit f/ Game, RBX
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Dos Equis
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I'm a plastic surgeon, fix your face
I got NASCAR numbers, I was built to race
Gon' be a long hot summer, Hubble scope from space
It's the next best thing since baking soda and base
It ain't the thrill of the hunt, it ain't the paper we chasin
Or these bitches that you cater to that's basically basic
I'm gettin white boy wasted, I'm wakin up with a porn star
She walk around naked like she my personal OnStar
Push one button and boom
("Hey baby, how can I serve you today?") Pussy wet as a typhoon
Ass is unreal, it look like a cartoon
Immaculate back stroke, anal and deep throat
Whatever the fuck I want she get to makin it happen
Powder her nose and she never take a break in the action
Shit, I'm 'bout to miss my flight
First class to London fuckin with you all night
But listen

[Chorus: Game]
Back up in this muh'fucker, spendin all my money in here
Cause I don't care, blowin kush in the air
Drivin cars that look like spaceships, ridin with models 
And spillin Ace in the club, showin international girls 
how to throw up a dub while my chain swing left to right
We came to party, we can do it all night
Cause my money never run out, we party 'til the sun out
We off Patrón shots so we know we 'bout to dumb out

West, uncut, welcome him home
From BG to YG, now the G grown
One click of the wrist, the competitor gone
Flight patrol, on your turf like the predator drone, whoa
Not to mention, Pit bull bully
Razor edge bloodline, Nutro fed fully
Stupid, get it right, off the chain for the fight
One flash green lights mean run hit on sight
Let's go to war now, rock the Luger steady
Wake up to your +Nightmare+, Freddy Krueger's ready
One finger slice, now you pay the price
Put your life on the line if you feel you're that nice
Cause runnin bullshit over here'll get you shot
Stupid, I'm the truth, that's everything you not
X's mark the spot, that's everything that's hot
And, walk right up on you and run everything you got


I, I, hit 'em with a nuke
Cause they pussy and they scared to shoot
My niggaz hit you with a 21-gun salute, I paratroop through your city
Hit the club, recruit, let's see some titties
Witty words for shitty birds, I learned from the smartest
Treat a bitch like a bitch, treat a queen like a goddess
Accosted, bombarded, weighin me down
Slide a razor through your throat, what can you say to me now?
This is dope by the boatload, thousands of pounds
Keep the crowd in a chokehold, deliver the rounds
I went from, livin with clowns to rockin a crown
And protect myself, silence suppress the sound
Use upper body violence, burn your jaw to the ground
Makin how you got knocked out the talk of the town
Stick around for the fireworks, apocalypse now
Hear and now make them dollars work, we smokin that loud