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Artist: Xzibit f/ Crooked I, Demrick, Game, Slim the Mobster
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Movies
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{*cell door slams*}
"Konvict, Konvict, Konvict..."

Maybe it's time I change religions on you
Turn a Christian to a Muslim, turn a Buddhist to a Christian
Tell 'em Catholics mind they busniess
Sippin red wine inside the Pentagon
Writin sinister lines 'til all the ink inside my pen is gone
Jeremy Lin got the world watchin ESPN
My sick porno obsessions got me watchin these lesbians
I'm a sick fuckin psychotic bastard
The mic is my sword, the booth is your casket
I'm sittin inside a classic 6-4 with the ratchet
Throwin up Westside is my worst fuckin habit
All these snapbacks and egos, eyes lookin through peepholes
That's why I don't trust no one except God and Tim Tebow
I'm livin my destiny, poppin pills, high as fuck
Fuckin bitches in the club, holdin my Spades bottle up
I think it's time you salute me or shoot me
Either way I'm the star of this muh'fuckin movie

[Slim the Mobster]
They say I got a suicidal tendency murderin all my enemies first
It ain't no question, the thunder under my shirt
Fuck around and you'll be up under the dirt
This automatic'll turn your Hummer to a hearse
Worse case scenario, pipe bomb your burial
They gon' have to bury you twice; the scary cat on his ninth life
The Gulf Stream poppin but the weed is top flight
My P.O. already know I'm a muh'fuckin flight risk
Heavy chain light wrist, paid cash for everything that white bitch
Got it, she got it - that's my word to Orenthal
16 in the two-liter got it lookin like motor oil
I'm leanin hard in that flat black turbocharge
Coupe on 24's, pedal to the floor
100 shots at a nigga, still got plenty more
Slim the Mobster and my Israeli-made uzi
We'll turn your block into a muh'fuckin movie!

[Chorus 2X: Demrick]
Lights camera action, niggaz ready to shoot (shoot)
But these ain't lights and cameras pointed at you (you)
Block off the scene cause your scenes don't move me
We'll turn your block into a motherfuckin movie

Yeah, back +When We Were Kings+ we were +The Lord of the Rings+
+Requiem for a Dream+, smokin my +Soylent Green+
Now +I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings+, there's no more +Men of Honor+
I'm +Ironman+ in my suit of armor runnin from +Karma+
+The Good Die Young+, +No Country for Old Men+
+There Will Be Blood+, deeper than +Leviathan+
And my +Platoon+ full of +Bad Lieutenants+
+X-Men+, +Expendables+, +Bad Company+, +Criminals+
+Krush Grooves+ with a kangol, +Serpent and the Rainbow+
+48 Hours+ to +Kill Bill+, +Cash and Tango+
+Braveheart+, +Battleship+, +Devil's Advocate+
with +The Passion of Christ+; +It's a Wonderful Life+
+Miami Vice+ with the get right
It's +Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil+
I +Crash+ +Ordinary People+
+Lethal Weapon+ without four sequels, survived +The Hunger Games+
+The Gods Must Be Crazy+, +Ricochet+ through the +Purple Rain+
Because +The Devil Wears Prada+
The +Dead Presidents+ can turn a +Goodfella+ to a +Godfather+
+Animal House+, +Stand and Deliver+ +The King's Speech+
Leonardo DiCaprio on the +Beach+
+Ocean's Eleven+, if +All Dogs Go to Heaven+
+The Silence of the Lambs+, +Son of Sam+, +Se7en+, +I Am Legend+
Fuck this +New Jack City+, I'm on the +Midnight Express+
+Witness+ +American History X+, +Yes+

[Crooked I]
Off the dome and I'm talkin slick as petroleum
Cause I don't fuck with pens 'less I'm bowlin on some linoleum
Niggaz preachin hate from the podium
Slowly throwin salt in my game, like pourin some sodium on a goalie
But homie I'm only in it for the cash sport
Thinkin fuck the world, somethin like a pornstar with a passport
With Officer Walker in my side mirror and
He don't like me cause I'm as dark as a Nigerian
Rockin a lot of jewelry and smart as a librarian
And the look in my arrogant eyes said I'd bury him!
I said it before, don't ignore it again too
Hands on the 9 like a quarter-to-ten do
Life's a hooker, the hall raised me
This poor baby was born crazy
Put in the middle of drug wars
Thug lords and judges tryin to court case me
Lord save me, it's Scorsese - a movie