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Artist: Xzibit f/ E-40
Album:  Napalm
Song:   Up Out the Way
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[Intro: E-40] + (Xzibit)
I'm in my seven-deuce Cutlass with the slap in the back
With the slap in the back, with the slap in the back
(I got that rag top Impala with the brains blew back)
(With the brains blew back, with the brains blew...)

I got that rag top Impala with the brains blew back
"Could you loan me a dollar?" Bitch I can't do that
Got a flight in an hour, got my bags all packed
Bring it in for the huddle, 150 racks - pow!
Want me to take it to the club and throw it on the ground?
Instead I take it by a business, make it double down
I'm back in business, you pussy niggaz in trouble now
Shake, what you gon' shake the city? Clearly you are from outta town
I'm in my scraper, catch your paper on the turf
Stackin yaper like a Laker, hit exactly where it hurts (where it hurts)
Better put that shit in reverse, you might cross over the ledge
The king of the castle swingin, screamin "Off with they heads!"
Round up and wrangle yo' ratchets, mad cause they givin us action
Fuck 'em, you keep 'em, we mackin, don't need 'em, nigga what's happenin?
What is it? Let's get it crackin, millions and millions reactin
Focused, no longer distracted, put it down, let's see you match it

[Chorus: E-40]
I'm a rich ass nigga (you's a bitch ass nigga)
I'm a rich ass nigga (you's a bitch ass nigga)
I'm a rich ass nigga (you's a bitch ass nigga)
I'm a rich ass nigga (you's a bitch ass nigga)
Stackin money to the ceiling, gettin paid all day
All day, all day, all day, all day
If you ain't tryin to get it, better get up out the way
Out the way, out the way, out the way, out the way

X, let me spit at 'em mayne!

They done awoken a sleepin dragon (dragon)
Now the roof is on fire, let the motherfucker burn
The fire marshal came in when it was my turn (turn, turn, turn)
Everybody up in here spazzin, higher than a hippy
Crunk and hella pissy, everybody tipsy, feelin hecka trippy
My wrist real brisky icy (icy) bitch made niggaz don't like me (like me)
Cause they wife want me to pipe, she (pipe she) been on me since 1990 (90)
Body (body) boomin (boomin) I be (I be) tycoonin (coonin)
Me and a few of my goons and (goons and) alcohol consumin
Oooh, born and raised in the grip
where a fiend will sneak up on you, try and hit you for a hit (for a hit)
Better pack an extra clip cause niggaz ain't playin, niggaz really with the shit
Ballin like Rawlings, or should a pimp say Spalding (Spalding)
All I hear is money callin (callin) thousands on thousands on thousands (thousands)
Flatlands, public housing (housing) real talk player, no jonesin (jonesin)
All about my allowance ('lowance) need a money counter just to count it (count it)
Sheesh! Capishe? I'm heavy off in these streets (streets)
UFC front seats (seats) no famine man, we feast (feast)


Yeah! Let's get whatever you drinkin and drink it by the case
Then let me pound on your pussy and knock it out of place (yeah)
I wanna hook you and book you, hand you some time to face
While we vacate in the destination for motivation - AY!
Separate hundreds from fifties, ball it up, bring it all with me
Callin an audible, hit me, I'm open, never forget me
Down shift, punch it, approachin 160
I'm clownin like Barnum and Bailey, bouncin around the city
Pity you feelin shitty, this 25-to-lifer
is pushin a spiker, get anybody hit by a sniper
Live the rest of your life in a diaper or chill the fuck out
Or you can walk, better keep walkin or they can carry you out
This is the end of the drought, homies is bouncin around me
Too many zeroes to count, I let these women surround me
Jump out they clothes, dig 'em out, but then they never can find me
Holdin unholy amounts - already showed you the route, c'mon