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Artist: Youngbloodz f/ Lil Jon
Album:  Ev'rybody Know Me
Song:   Presidential
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[Youngbloodz (Lil Jon)]
Ya, yeah (Yeah!) A-town it's on again
A-town, A-town(Yeah!) A-town, yeah
Y'all know how we do round this town(What!)
Youngbloodz, Lil Jon (Okaaaaay!)

[Sean Paul (Lil Jon)]
Choke that fiend
Nah mean
Hat lean, clothes smell like green
And some white tees
And some white rees
About bread, real G's get cheese
Back to the streets (What!)
Back with Lil Jon (What!)
Back for the A (Yeah!)
Reppin' for the slums(Yeah!)
Put ya hood up, show a nigga where ya from
And if they hate that then get the job done

[Hook - Sean Paul (Lil Jon)]
(Hey, hey, hey, hey)
What we ridin', what we ridin'
Big wheels, big wheels
Choppin' hard, choppin' hard
Like Bill, like Bill
What we drankin', what we drankin'
That Patrón, that Patrón
Keep the bottles poppin' all night long, night long (Yeah!)
What we smokin', what we smokin'
That kush, that kush
Presidential shit George Bush, George Bush
How we do it, how we do it
Like this, like this
Get crunk, big big big big big

Sixteen, I'ma give it to ya raw
Take it to ya ass, slap ya clean cross the jaw
Now where they at where they, you want some
See I don't think y'all really want none
See I'm back with a whole new clip
With a badass chick, on some brand new shit
Now put 'em up, put 'em up to the sky
Get buck, get drunk, get high
Shake 'em off, ya know what to do
Take it to the floor, call out ya whole crew
Like what, knuck if ya buck
See we still don't give a damn and I never gave a fuck
See I'm big timin' wrists stay blindin'
With four or five freaks, and my pinky ring shinin'
I stay grindin' and true to the streets
If you ever need to find me then you know where we can meet


[Sean Paul]
I build big bank and drank drank
That's why I got a purple Sprite, and y'all aint
I ride big rims, sittin' this tall
So when ya step down, baby girl don't fall
Y'all niggaz know the name, they call me Sean Paul
And I ain't got no flaws, except breakin' the laws
Niggaz call me dope, cause I'm hard and I'm raw
Can call me that fiend, one hit'll make ya cough
It's always beside me, watch got diamonds
I ain't part timin', I'm full time grindin'
The nigga wasn't shinin' live nigga blindin'
I'm with niggaz with the dimes in the whips I be ridin'
And I don't pull 'em out, until the trunk beat
And ya can see ya movie sittin' in the back seat
They wild on the east, they live in these streets
So I'ma keep my piece sittin' on the front seat