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Artist: Young Noble f/ Hellrazah 
Album:  Young Noble & Hussein Fatal Presents - Outlaw Nation Vol.3
Song:   Thugz Tear Dropz
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[Intro: Hellrazah]
Thug angels
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry

[Verse 1: Hellrazah]
In the hood amongst crack shcolars
Left dead for a fast dollar
Now felony is black power
Raise your wings up and say it louder
That white powder left us all devoured
Since we got up of that mayflower
Our life changed in that same hour
Its like I'm chained in a insane asslyum
When Clinton came nigga changed Harlem
Reconstructed to the new Sodom
Until we really saw the true problem
Even Hilary couldn't rob him
Martial law got ????? stop em
They tricked a Indian before they robbed him
Eat with them, then he played possum
Planted there till they seed blossomed
Till Yahwehshua come and got em
Forgot Israelites inside Gotham
Got the real doctrine
Cross the t's and i join the dots in
Pass the bars like johnny copton
Whats my mystery of chest boxing
Know your square when you get boxed in
Neurotoxins within my conscious
Got me spitting like I'm Nostradamus
But in the scriptures hes a false prophet
Plus hes pictures look like armys ??? ???
And my mouth coming up behind me
Facing death just for being honest
You in the spar with your nails polished
Son slavery ain't abolished
We go to prison way before college
You know sing sing instead of Harvard
Where all the pigs eat they own vomit
And all the rats ??? uncle Thomas
In the cell next to Jeffery Dahmer
Coming home as the old timers
Using ?? for us all timers
And made em cry when they didn't silence
And fell back from they false projects
And now Satan gotta get behind us

[Bridge: Hellrazah]
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry
We didn't mean to make your heart cry

[Verse 2: Young Noble]
In the hood amongst crack scholars
Still trapped from a lack of knowledge
These fucking rappers like false prophets
Leave their babies to the small coffins
Got us all chasing four quarters
Never hustle from your headquarters
Started early back when we were rocking diadoras
Lot of us never made it to even see tomorrow
Its a war going on outside, didn't mean to make you cry, the stakes is high
This dark life is sacred from ancient tribes
We walk like warriors against all odds
Open the third eye, fertilize you mind
Till the ?? to watch the signs
National threats high
This was designed to keep you occupied
While they robbing you blind
Welcome to America the home of the slave
the home of the brave, the home of the drug trade
Like I'm looking to the future, but we in the last days
Like this is the new me but I'm stuck in my old ways
Came a long way from selling long dimes in the hall way
My Outlaw Nation from rawway to norway
Its all political, each verse is cynical
Im just getting started no where near my pinnacle
Outlaw general