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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Eminem
Album:  Love Story
Song:   Best Friend
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Ain't never been much of the church type
But I believe in the last dayyyyys
I walk through Hell almost every night
But I believe it's a pathwayyyyy
Say boy what you doin with your life
with those tattoos on your faaaaace?
Say boy you know that you'll pay the price
Well I guess I'll see when I head that wayyyyy

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I hold you nearest
My best friend, best friend
Let the trumpets blow with your appearance, I can almost hear it
My best friend, best friend
When you wish me Hell upon my soul and spirit, behold these lyrics
I got a best friend, best friend
Yeah I got a best friend, best friend

I don't know much about holy bibles
But I grew up in the Bible Belt
I put my love for a woman on idle
Because I got beat with my momma's belt
But I learned from my mistakes
Try hard to respect people for what they believin in
But if you spit on my fuckin grave
And wish me Hell then I wish you well, I'ma send you straight up to my best friend


[Eminem] + (Yelawolf)
God please would you arm me with the armor to calm me when there's drama
like Gandhi, coulda gone the other way many times, coulda turned Dalai with the +Lama+
But I squashed my, beefs and things seem to be lookin decent recently but don't jinx it
It's like Clint Eastwood lookin for peace, though maybe not fin' to enter, the priesthood
But at least should make an attempt to show some remorse and then be some sort of a repenter
for the people I've been a menace to, not a preacher but a shit-starter and finisher
Into the mind of a thick skin but a short temper, this patience of mine is, thinner
than twine is when I, get attacked so I might say somethin back that might offend ya
So if you don't like when I rap of what I have to say on the mic then ya
might wanna act just like quarterbacks and take a fuckin hike when I snap cause, I'm a sinner
And uh (I got a best friend, best friend) bust balls and intestines, and ain't never been yes-men
They gon' tell me when I'm fuckin up the minute I'm ever givin it less than
I'm about to vomit and I can feel it comin cause failure's somethin I can barely stomach
And I only listen to my guts so unless you're my fuckin belly button, don't tell me nothin!
You ain't my (best friend, best friend) who you think I'm talkin 'bout?
Lifts me up when I'm down and out, still look to him without a doubt
Still got a (best friend, best friend) shout it out, like there's never been a louder mouth
Shoulda never been allowed, I'm out, now that I got a higher power now
With a blackout power outage, oww! Like powerless but they crowd around
They tend to flock like shepherds, to black sheep but I'll be the worst thing
that these motherfuckers ever heard, when I'm counted out, you be D.O.A. then announced
They pronounce you dead when they sound it out, so prepare for arrival, your arch-enemy surrounds you now
He's all around you (POW!) not even a doctor's at the hospital, he coulda shiggy-shocked
you back to life, just im-piggy-possible to revive you, that's word to the diggy-doc
Stiggy-stoppin is not an option, somethin I'm not gonna do
I'm the Iggy Pop of hip-hop when I walk in the booth, dawg I'm the truth
like Biggie rockin with 2Pac in a suit, talkin to Proof droppin a deuce
Fill up a syllable clip like a refillable strip, cock and I shoot!
{*blam*} Who you think's my Glock that I use
that I pull from to get my strength up against these haters?
And they be waitin at the gate when you get sprayed up, sendin you hoes straight up
to deal with my (best friend)