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Artist: Yelawolf
Album:  Love Story
Song:   Box Chevy V
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I'm out the gate like a race horse, made in the A of course
That's A for Alabama, I'll be damned if I say Georgia
Tennessee in this bitch, I got some Hennessy that's paid for
Gimme that big bottle, fuck it, if I break it I'll pay for it
My ladies layin in the Chevrolet and I say "Lord
Thank you for givin me this baby girl on a suede horse"
Yeah, this ain't no gay Ford
I'm pushin bowties 'til I die, and I'm gonna ride 'til my legs sore
Vogues I got a set four, plus a Beretta sittin in the floor
{*click click*} Better protect yours

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
In my Chevrolet, my box Chevrolet
Got that Glock laid in my lap, in case you want to play
In my Chevrolet, my box Chevrolet
Let's go get you all cleaned up, and ride around all day

{"Still"} Hittin them corners on them low pro's, girl
{"Still"} I'm an American rock'n'roll grandbaby
Five generations of takin pictures with Grand Ams
The Chevrolet Slim Shady, there's no way you can save me
Bass boat flakes, you never seen such
Roll down my window like who I am doesn't mean much
Burnin tread off a thousand dollar tires with a clean touch
600 horses runnin behind a mean clutch
Bitch I'm


Yeah, windows washed, lookin like a glass house
Glaze on the dash, leather is smellin like Ralph Lauren
Feel like I'm watchin television on the couch snorin
I must be dreamin leanin back inside this chariot
Hitch on the back of this truck, my Harley I carry it
A chalice in wonderland, fill up my cup with, Jack D
And take my fuckin keys so that I don't, wreck it
Let me come sit on the passenger side and check it
How does it feel from over here? Oh, bless it
This is for all the Chevy's that I collected
Big trucks, lowriders, whatever the best is
to you, man I just wanna give you a message
Uh, I used to sit on sidewalks like every day
Watchin punks and chumps in dunks get hella paid
But I just focused on my vision and never quit
And now man I'm sittin in my vision with a reason to celebrate

[Chorus] - 2X