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Artist: Yelawolf
Album:  Love Story
Song:   Have a Great Flight
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Where's my calling angel? At the coffin
Where's my, blue skyyyyy? At the coffin
A pretty bouquet and a red rose, at the coffin
Darling, don't cryyyyy, at the coffin
Over my soul...

I will take your favorite books, and put 'em in a row
I remember how you like them, I know where they go
Your momma will be waitin there, for you to hold
I know that she misses you, misses you so

[Chorus: Yelawolf]
So have a great flight
Have a great flight outta here, I suppose
I know you raised me riiiiight
But you must go, I suppose

[Chorus] - replace "So" with "You"

I will keep the memories, it always make me smile
But lettin you go honestly, I'm havin a tough time
But I promise I'll be strong for you like you said, and hold it in the road
But I'll be down here missin you, missin you so


[Yelawolf - repeat 8X]
And nothin ever did feel so real but this time
My time, my mind is gone, turn the lights back on
Baby I'm in the next room
But is it gonna be long 'til I see you again?