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Artist: Yelawolf
Album:  Trial By Fire
Song:   Do For Love
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Daddy's up 5 AM again
It's a repeated scene, he's been at it since 10
9-to-5 hours don't pay enough money
He picked up a shift and he's just gettin in
Babies are hungry and mommy is bitchin
'bout bills that he needs to go pay while he's sittin
Not even five minutes to drink a cold beer
before hearin about what was left in the kitchen
Walk out the door for a walk to the store
Bread was five dollars, he only had four
Won't get a check 'til the first of next week
and he said to himself "I can't take anymore"
With no heat in the house and no gas in the truck
and his 4-year-old's birthday about to come up
It's gun, mask, duct tape, gloves

[Chorus 4X: Yelawolf]
What would you do for love?
... Ooooh, what would you do for love?

She's a single mother livin in a hotel
in the south side of the city
And she works at a bar in the strip to get tips
savin up for a place that is pretty
A 12-year-old son to support
Still in school with a father that's never around
He took her virginity, promised infinity
Then he took off and he hasn't been found
Most of the people she already knows
have trouble survivin and keepin a home
That side of town ain't the place to raise a child
but she's doin her best and there's nowhere to go
Puts on her skirt, picks up her purse
And he knows just what she does
His momma can't work at the bar every night
so his momma is hustling and selling drugs


Woooooooo-hooooo {*4X*}

[Chorus] - repeat 2X