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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Juicy J, Travis Barker
Album:  Trial By Fire
Song:   Punk
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I'm a million lightyears away from the dark a thousand miles and runnin
+Country Boy Can Survive+, I'm alive, a loaded gun and
Back seat full of crooks, pen and paper, this one's for the books
Pack it, wrap it, seal it, send it to the corner in a Travis Caddy
Everybody in this motherfucker jumpin, footprints on the wall
Gimme the losers, the ones who don't fit in with this shit, we're gonna have a ball
Swing around the mosh pit, do-si-do, Catfish Billy and a Dobro
I'm +Psycho White+, oh no, I'm a +Chili Pepper+ in an Oldsmobile
Comin out for the kill, I don't gamble, I don't deal
with these who's who's in this mass appeal, I just wanna get behind a steering wheel
of a semi-truck, then get drunk and run amuck
With every single one of my misfits, bitch that's how we're showin up
With them lowriders on the Westside, lift kits from the South
Jump in the passenger seat of my '69 and hit the bootleg house
I'm on my new shit, still ready and ruthless
A public nuisance - but I feel right at home
[Chorus: Juicy J]
(Yeah hoe) Since they're still sleepin on me, let me wake 'em up (hey)
Got the world in my palm, watch me shake it up (yeah hoe)
Everything I'm talkin real, I ain't make it up (hey)
I know you probably think I care but I don't give a fuck (yeah hoe)
But I ain't givin up, I'd rather live it up (hey)
Everybody sound the same, you need to switch it up (yeah hoe)
They still swervin in my lane, they need to give it up (hey)
But I don't give a fuck (hey) I don't give a fuck (hey)
I don't give a fuck, really I don't give a fuck! (yeah hoe)

Still bumpin Three 6, all day, Hank Williams, all day
So promenade when the lights in the ballroom swing and shake and then fall and break
with that bottom bass, make you wanna +Tear Da Club Up+ and go tattoo your face
Country boys, gutter raised, what a blend, that's all it takes
Got a lock in the pocket, a rock in the sock, with a cop I'm a nervous wreck
I never could keep a job cause I rob and I take and I leave you with nothin left
But momma tried, momma tried to harvest early and the pot died
If she ever said I was a good boy, trust me, momma lied
Leave these haters with a cane to walk, take these lames with a grain of salt
All I wanna do is take aim assault, tell my story, paint the wall
From Alabama to Atlanta, from Atlanta I began to build a plan
A panoramic view to center who my friends, the men around me were the culture
It's that slum, uh, and I'm not alone
I put a flag in Nashville, and I'm feelin right at home

And the whole +World is Yours+, this I know, because Nas told me so
Damn right, so give me that bag of money real quick, let's go
I got it cranked, it's parked out front
I'm a wanted man, and I'm on the run
And I'm goin back to Cali to the alleys where they packin rallies
with skateboarders, punks and rowdies, and show 'em this country savvy
I, am, Yelawolf
And I'm feelin right at home