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Artist: Yelawolf
Album:  Trial By Fire
Song:   Ride or Die
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We were thick as thieves growin up, both of us raising hell
Chasin liquor with liquor, racin and chasin tail
You got caught with a nickel bag, and then went to jail
You sat it out for a week, cause your momma didn't have bail
I rode my bike to your house, as soon as you got out
Remember laughin at the cops, and then I took you straight to the spot?
I moved away for some years to Atlanta, Georgia but stayed the same
My troublesome attitude got me locked in an ugly chain
We kept in touch every week, and I noticed the change
You wanted to clean up and go to school, some day do the family thang
And I was too wild to get it, admittedly so
But I supported your move, no matter which way that you rolled
I guess you made a good choice, graduated with honors
Got a good job at the factory makin that legal dollar
And as for me I got worse, I found myself in a curse
Dropped out of school for a dream, a dream I didn't rehearse
You hit me up cause you knew when you saw me I was bad off
But I was too proud to ask for the help, cause I knew the cost
But you offered a place to stay, until I could find my way
You helped me go find a gig, clean up and then get it straight
Never once did you tell me to stop rappin and give it up
As we sat talkin on the bed of your lifted truck
When you had it all, and I had nothin
I'm just sayin that meant somethin
[Chorus: Yelawolf]
If you ever need me around
I'll be on the next train, headed southbound
I'll never let you down
I can't let you down
Cause when I couldn't get my feet on the ground
You would do anything to help me out
You never let me down
What goes around comes around

[Interlude: Yelawolf]
I'm just sittin here on my front porch singin
This one's for my ride or die
This one's for my ride or die
This one's for my ride or die
I'm just sittin here on my front porch singin
This one's for my ride or die
This one's for my ride or die
This one's for my ride or die

It's been a while since I seen my friend, my family and such
Six months a year on the road, I never get to visit that much
Even though it took me ten years to break a crack in this rock
Now that I've started this movement, I got no plans to stop
Now you may see me in publications, and radio placements
A new truck, a new Harley, and think I forgot how I made it
But ain't a day that goes by, that I don't recall the struggle
I'm scared to death to go back to it, I constantly hustle
I thank you for my ambition, for the strength to condition
Anyone who helped me along the way, believed in my vision
It takes a village to raise a child, for me it took small towns
Everything that I learned from it, the ups and the downs
My Uncle Buddy, he gave me a thousand dollars to make a tape
Back in '02, when I could barely afford a plate
And he couldn't afford it either, but he did it anyhow
And now he wears a thousand dollar smile
Uncle Bud

[Interlude] - 2X