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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Joshua Hedley
Album:  Trial By Fire
Song:   Shadows
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[Chorus: Joshua Hedley]
Memories of shadows haunt me
From the years when I was young
Things that used to terrify me
Are the things, that I've become

There's a dark moon in the clouds, misty fog in the swamp
Crickets chirpin outside my window, the water it thumps
in the bathroom sink down the hall, the lights flicker sometimes
The wind is howlin, the dogs are growlin way deep in the pines
A passin car on a distant road, the only thing runnin
Nightmares in my sleep, the Sandman is comin
I see the ghost in the red cloak, the shadows are takin shape
The sound of a faint voice, lost and full of hate
Dry leaves crumble under the feet of the Reaper
The limbs tap on my window, like the nails of a creature
Tales of goblins and fairies, a sacrifice on the prairie
A murderer that escaped, I'm disillusioned and weary
Lightning strikes on the hill, illuminated the cabin
The old man on the porch, evil and quietly laughin
Surrounded by demons, I'm an angel and they all want me
And to this day


Cigarette butts, and oil stains on the dyin grass
The smell of the liquor, risin up from the broken glass
The crowds of black leather, the heat from the engines
Motorcycles and goons, bearded men and loud women
The cracklin paint, the old shack with the swinging light
The heroin needles passin, open in plain sight
Ozzy and Black Sabbath, the vinyl is skippin
From the fight in the kitchen, blood screamin and kickin
Smoke fills up the sky, gasoline on the trash heap
The mattress is burnin, I hear it poppin and snapping
The rain-soaked teddy bear, so heavy I can't lift it
The flask for the moonshine, I watch as they all sip it
The Halloween pumpkin candle lit with a Pentagram
The grandfather clock, with the broken minute hand
Surrounded by thieves, killers, thugs and some junkies
And to this day


I throw on my leather jacket, a collection of biker patches
One of 'em says savage, the other one Black Sabbath
Heavily tatted, barely any skin left
Whiskey bent after 12, I'm always playin with death
Bullet shells in my yard, loaded gun on the shelf
Run the roads like a wolf, through the whole Bible Belt
Rattlesnake skin boots, toes up on the chopper
Fifty Harleys behind me, they all ready to slaughter
Drunk in front of my sons, drunk in front of my daughter
Spit, cuss and I yell, it's like a one-sided quarter
Cause I'm only heads up, no matter which way you flip it
No brake lights in my life, I'm either rich or evicted
Committed to my convictions, committed crimes with the quitters
Connected to my religion, the religion of sinners
Send a prayer to God, exhalin smoke off the meth pipe
Like puddles reflectin the ripples echo to next life
So here I am standin just like the ashes that fell from the fire
A seed that fell off that poisonous and forgotten flower
Became my own nightmare, but now I think it's charming
Especially when


Bloody bone's gonna get you
Bloody bone's gon' get you
Bloody bone's gon' get you
Bloody bone's gonna get you
{*evil chuckle*}