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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Lee Brice
Album:  Trial By Fire
Song:   Violin
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I'm down on my knees again
A call for my repentance
The war has taken over me
I beg for the forgiveness
The bullets ricochet, uhh
I hear 'em when I sleep now
The blood is on my hands Lord
From man, woman and child
(A soldier from my country) I'm a soldier from my country
(A slave unto my gun) But a slave unto my gun
(The screams to echo louder) The screams to echo louder
(Kill, kill) God, what have I become? (Whoooa)
I pledge my allegiance, I left my family
A newborn baby, to slay the enemy
The struggle for power, the lust, the vanity
I trusted America, she took my sanity

[Chorus: Lee Brice]
Winds of change rollin in
Take your love back again
I'm your fool, amen
Just a bow for yo' violin
You played me
You made me, your violin
She looks at her reflection
Eyes black and blue
She told 'em she would leave him
She says she was through
He took her from a small town
Showed her the big city life
He promised her the world
Then he made her his wife
(Runs around town) But he runs around town
(Lies, lies) He's a cheater and a beater
(She's sleepin with the enemy) She's sleepin with the enemy
(No one believes her) But no one believes her (whoooa)
A diamond ring, a glass of whiskey
The bottle of pain pills, open and empty
She left a letter, "To hell I send thee"
He brought home flowers, ashamed and guilty
Too late

Uhh, used like a rag, I've been washed up
Been dragged through the mud like a thief
My beliefs and my loves, take it up, take it down
Took a left, took a right, it's the one to be found
To explain to me why
Why it was me that was brought to the edge of the cliff
Cause see this is not fair, but why should you care?
The choices I've made are mine but I swear
that all can not be the fault of just me
I've tried to maintain my wants, and my needs
to work, and not see the changes I've strived for
A better life for my family I would die for
Take away everything from me and ask why more
Tell me to make a decision in front of five doors
There's a prayer and I'm sayin "Why Lord?"
Send me to a war without a sword
I'll fight and I'll fight more, I'll travel the long road
Cause I'm just a violin, my life is another chord
Uh, cause I'm just a violin, my life is another chord

[Outro: Lee Brice]
You played me
You made me, your violin
You played meeee (violin)
You made meeeee your violin