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Artist: Young Dolph f/ Tim Gates
Album:  South Memphis Kingpin (Mixtape)
Song:   Rich Nigga
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's Dolph!

[?], I make hits nigga
All I ever want to do is be a rich nigga
Ask your bitch, yeah I'm the shit nigga
But all I ever want to do is be a rich nigga

Now I did everything they said I couldn't do
If you had no other choice nigga wouldn't you?
What'cha know about trapping with them hundred round drummers boy?
Counting bread and killing instrumentals made by Drumma Boy
I'm doing too much they get scared
When I got that coupe [?]
But all I ever want to be was a rich nigga
I was raised not to hate but I swear I hate snitch niggas (I hate em)
Oops, I'm sorry, I'm the type of nigga to fall in there fresh as fuck and smoke out the party
I count my first hundred bands and said "Hallelujah!"
I can't do nothing but win, 'cause I'm a sore loser


Ey, all I ever want to do is be a rich nigga
I don't speak too much I just hold up my wrist nigga (Dope boy!)
Them hoes be like "Dolph you think you slick, nigga"
Too many faces out here I do it for my real niggas
Now I ain't ever had shit
So now that I got it now, can't nobody tell me shit
Everything I got, my nigga, I got it on my own
And every time you see me I flash [?] (Sorry)
Pardon me do you have a lighter?
Smoke a nigga rich nigga shit
On my young rich nigga shit
Then have a young rich nigga spit
Memphis [?]


[Tim Gates]
Yeah, told my family we gonna live like the Jacksons
Just be patient, and let me put it into action
Niggas getting wrong, ain't no more relaxing
Now I fuck with some [?] hoes in high fashion
Big money family that's my only passion
And the lawyer promise you, you gonna get your fraction
All you hear is numbers, you think you in math class
Complete everything I never been a half-ass
You know what it do, try'n live with the crew
Every night screwing, wake up to an ocean view
Yeah we make it happen never heard a no-excuse
And fuck with this Memphis nigga guaranteed to get the blues