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Artist: Yo-Yo f/ Ice Cube
Album:  Old St. Ides Commercial
Song:   Femalt Liquor *
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* on DJ Drank's "Greatest Malt Liquor Hits"

[Intro: Ice Cube]
Yo, coming at you with another funky St. Ides Commercial
Ice Cube, and I got my gat
And it's still a Man's world

Sixteen men dead on the mothership
As they said they're only about to sip
Of St. Ides Malt Liquor and end up..

[Ice Cube]
Wait, wait, wait Yo-Yo
I think your head is getting better
Cause I see you coming
St. Ides is strong enough for a man
and not for a woman

Back up off my tip!!
To me you're just shooting your lips
Ain't nothing wrong with a woman taking a sip
I'll hurtle, don't get me wrong
The drink is real strong 
But it's cool and mellow 
When you're grooving with your fellow
So ladies while you out there chilling with your man
While he popped the fourty, put a glass in your hand
Slide me mine, cause St. Ides is right on time
Yeah, ha ha ha-uhh.. I told you; 
It wouldn't be nothing without the woman's touch
Ha ha ha

[Ice Cube]
Or a big butt, ha ha