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Artist: Young Thug (w/ Bloody Jay)
Album:  Black Portland (Mixtape)
Song:   No Fucks
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Young Thug]
Aye, Bloody Jay
Let's hit the club and order a 100 bottles of Rose'
We ain't Ku Klux Klan but that jet hold 3 K's
I spent 100k on my ring so she can skate
[Bloody Jay]
I Don't Give No Fuck [4x]

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I don't give no motherfuckin' fuuucckk
Mud on my shoes. steppin on $100,000 fuckin ruuuggg
Bitches just wanna take pictures of these $20,000 sluuugggs
SMM don't have a leader everyone we be look like the plug
Woke up and bought a pimpin' business
Learned that from OG Double D
Nigga we killin witnesses, R.I.P. OGD
She know she not winnin' if she stay away from me
She say she not with it, I see straight through her like linen
Havin' babies, cookin' babies, water whipping
Casting call for this porn, I need a leading lady
Serving J's alka seltzer, Bloody Jay gone tell em
([Bloody Jay] I don't give no fuck)
I don't either

[Verse 2: Bloody Jay]
Thug you my brother
You know its love motherfucka
And death to anybody that approach blood motherfucka
So that go for Thug motherfucka, he blood motherfucka
Imma wet a nigga block until that bitch flood motherfucka
You know I don't give no fuck, Like a virgin ho that won't fuck
My neck and wrist froze up, like a scary nigga that won't buss
Any body get it nigga you know we gone buss
Like a pipe with pressure
Me and blood posted at the spot
With more P's than Peter Piper Pick a Pepper
We crime bosses, no goodfella
We bad guys, convicted felons
Quick to buss on niggas watermelons
Let the [?] dp the talkin and the stick do the yellin
Put holes all in his Srah Bella
I don't give no fuck, Thug tell em