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Artist: Zo! f/ Phonte, Sy Smith
Album:  ...just visiting three
Song:   Black Cow
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[Phonte] (Sy Smith)
In the corner, of my eye
I saw you in Rudy's, you were very high
Yooooou were high... It was a cryin' disgrace
(They saw your face..) 
On the counter, by your keys
Was a book of numbers, and your remedies
Onnnne of these, surely will screen out the sorrow
But where are you, tomorrooooow?

[Chrous: Phonte] (Sy Smith)
I can't cry anymore, while you run arooooound
(While you run aroooooound...)
Break away... just when it seems so clear
that it's, over now
Drink your big, black, cow, and get out of herrrre

[Phonte] (Sy Smith)
Down to Green St., there you go
Lookin so outrageous, and they tell you so
Yooooou should know... How all the pros play the game
(You change your name...)
like a gangster, on the run
You will stagger homeward, to your precious one
I'mmmmm the one... who must make everything right
Talk it out, 'til dayliiiight..