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Artist: Zo! f/ Rapper Big Pooh, Darien Brockington, Eric Roberson 
Album:  SunStorm
Song:   This Could Be the Night
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{Say brother, do you see all these foxys out here tonight?
 I'm tellin you, if you don't do yo' job
 I'll guarantee you I will do mine
 Cause I'm mean, I'm slick, and I'm TIGHT tonight
 Ya understand what I'm sayin? Ain't nuttin' but a party
 After we get outta here, BBQ pickled pigs feet for everybody, y'know}

HEY! Ladies and gentlemen
The East Swing Club is proud to present to you tonight
the most delectable treat, we have Mr. Eric Roberson
We have the illustrious Darien Brockington
Also, we got the Rapper Big Pooh
All back by the Lorenzo Ferguson & The Funky Fanger Experience

[Verse One: Eric Roberson]
Our worry kinda started innocently
She spilled her drink on me, but she was fine
So I was fine, with her hands on me
Wiping off this wine, I said let's get in line
so I can buy you another.. Don't mean no disrespect 
You might came here with another
And then she replied, "Well not tonight"
I said oh, is that riiiight? Well hello then
Let me get that car door then, ofr you

You don't have to thank me for it
Cause nobody's keeping score
We could do anything you like
Hey baby, this could be the night
This could be the night, this could be the night 
This could be the night - just for you

[Verse Two: Darien Brockington] 
I got a message from you baby
That you ain't wanna keep me waiting
But why rush a good thing?
To her, is what I replied
(Can't get enough of you
 Wanna spend my whole life with you)
But for now, let's enjoy tonight
(Ey!) Let's fast-forward to the dancefloor
You know what we came for
Baby, that's to have a good time
(Girrrrl) The mood is right
Do whatever you like
Let's party until the sunrise, yeah yeah


[Rap Verse: Rapper Big Pooh]
Another splash of my favorite cologne
My baby told me, "Six more minutes", stay past, we gone
on the dancefloor steppin, leave troubles at home
On the dancefloor sweatin, baby girl in the zone
Got her head cocked back, I got my hands straight
like a crease in the ear, lookin like a Ernie Barnes
piece not a care, a let-yourself-go moment
that we both share, let down your hair
Let's go!

[Bridge: Darien Brockington]
Wanna dance the night away with you
Take my hand, let's get it started baby!