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Artist: Zu Ninjaz
Album:  Now Justice
Song:   Gunshots
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: 5 Foot Hyper Sniper (K-Blunt)]
This shit is fat like Fat Albert
Now I'm gonna sing a song for you
	"All I hear is gunshots" > Method Man (repeats throughout song)
Check me out, check me out, check me out
(Watch this, no, check me out, nigga, fuck you)

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
As I look to the sky, see why
Another brother had to die, caused by
Brooklyn Zu, I think, what I gots to do
Not to get caught in that trigger happy madness
Forget a fold up, I gonna fight for the right to live another night
And smoke the blunts with the dutch, keep the girlies on the hunt
I can't miss, my uncle started me, trained, my skills are top rate
No hits are bast', don't give me a pump, I'll blast
I'm takin' all things, in the street rebel
I'm givin' the pain across the grain
I bag the hoes, they scream "my nigga
With the .357, sent ya to the grave"
Who cares about a slave? It's a war zone, now we there
Bodies drop, hit hittin' the concrete
The wanted Irie tryin' not to get caught in the heat
Fuck that, police pile more victims up
They killed Nutso, fuck cappies when I toss ones
To fight like George Bronson

Lemme do that shit...
No shorts, you know that K-Blunt will never seen 'em
Always in the middle with the killotine
Greetings, welcome to the new kind of game
The dealer shuffle up the deck, a shame
Rule number one, fuck around and see who's havin' fun
My arm under the table with my hand on the gun
Number two, what ya gonna do?
No second guessin', everybody's stressin'
Rule number three, all wanna see
Chaotic with the gate to the beacon, that's deep
Always on the move now, it's ya turn
Jumpin' in the fire, ya bound to get burned
Or get stuck cuz we do the stickin'
The one with the most, that's the one we gettin'
Think ya got fucked once again my friend
It's a sure win, 5 Foot, begins
Now then we'll see, how should I end
Can't take a seat now, bender 'possed to bend
I think it's best for you to interrupt
But watch ya move cuz ya might get bucked
Like an eight plus Blunt, got plenty loot son
What ya want, uh, all I hear is gunshots

[Interlude: K-Blunt]
All I hear is gunshots, nigga
All I hear is gunshots, nigga..
What's up, nigga? What's real?
Gunshots, nigga, all I hear is gunshots
5 Foot ninja, on the rap
Smokin' trees, killa with steez

It's the man, ran like the Candy, kid
Well ya gettin' vexed, ya can't stand what I did
Said I couldn't do it but I brought mine
You're full of holes like a strainer, ya leakin' fluid
Representin' Jersey, you can't hurt me
Tell ya that ya suck like a Kirby
Comin' in like the wind, livin' single, livin' single
Been around the world with the girls, yes I mingle
Lady killer, no faith in magic makin', baby undertakin'
Shakin' like a rattle, don't try, ya don't really wanna battle me
Cuz I roll the best, gun clap, without a tat
You we gets water, it's first degree murder, no manslaughter
Ya hopin' it's a hazard, ya Dirty Bastard
Now I have to, show that shit I mastered
I make the average nigga write a verse
Hit the mirror and rehearse, apologize to my moms when I curse
Now tell me, how yo' ass wanna see it
Is it black and white? Is it a front and color on the scene?

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
Fuck that, I'm comin' with the bats and the gats
5 Foot, Ninjaz, formin' on ass, get 'em, we scrap on tracks
Fuck that, in fact, I wanna kill, I gets the skill
My mic get bright, I'm King Midas
I'm undercover like the spy from the left with the dump
We show our guns, we carry the weight
We wipe ya out, we super fit, I wrecks, I kill
I'm fat like that movie Sugar Hill
Bring it away, my wisdom with the rescue, now who's the lock and key?
I stay in the mix, no tricks, I'm sick, I give 'em fits
I love to drop, my rhymes in truth
I be the type like the Night of the Living Dead
I got the smiles like my first pair of croquets
I've been down since the nitty gritty's on the way
A night activity, lost in city, can't you hear it?

[Outro: K-Blunt (5 Foot Hyper Sniper)]
5 Foot, Ninjaz, new sound
Peace (That new real shit)