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Artist: Zu Ninjaz
Album:  Now Justice
Song:   Hard to Defeat
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Movie sample]
You are difficult to kill, ninja
Well then relieve him of his pain
{*sounds of fighting*}

[Intro: Celoo (5 Foot Hyper Sniper)]
(I told you to stop startin' wars, nigga!)
Zu Zu Zu Zu.. can't be defeated, nigga, what? (Take this!)
Check the shit out, nigga (Celo, yo bust that shit!)

Yo ya trouble's a rave, cut through ya heart like spades
Feel ya raps laid from missed days, worse than pharaoh's days
My rhyme's a culture, a culture's a way of life
Went to war with you devils on mics, earnin' my stripes
You niggaz all about sex, ice and gold chains
Gettin' high in a Lex, poppin' bottles of champagne
These last days, ain't no time for fakin' jacks
We live it, hip-hop, you bullshit rappers is an act
Niggaz get smacked like bad seeds talkin' back
Discipline with my iron rhymin', you blend it in track

Yo I slice the sword across the water, murder, murder, torture, torture
Get exactly what you ordered, peepin' Hell with ice water
You drown in my sound, strike hard without life guard
Disrupt ya brain with the force of a pipe wand
Hurts, hit 'em, break 'em down to the floor
You don't want no more, soldier catch war
Rippin' to shreds, ya takin' this to the head
At night he bled, by the day he was dead
Mentally fed, he ate too much, he was stuffed
Called his bluff, what he say, thought he was tough
I break him, never know who rappin' rhymes make take him
Pitbull shake him, government picture representer
Never enter, I close the gate, you move too late
Fuck all the hook-ups, it's straight paper for a plate

I turn ya vest into bust, lay ya verse in a hearst
Then I straighten ya bucks, it's senseless to act relentless
My squad feels no repentence for Ninja Scroll's resistence
I baracade ya raid and freeze ya existence
For tryin' to repel the God, quest law as the serpent that crawls
Through the minds of the blind, deaf and dumb
One rhyme combined is how the war was one
See I player hate none, cuz while y'all all players I'm the world champion
I'm dissin' all you wake niggaz, catch a tantrum
Wannabes to my Zu, son, come and ask, son
What? What? I flip the script with a duck, my rhymes are God
When Ninjaz on to the cut, do you wanna be pissed?
On lips in ya strut, now bow to the Raw
I reign by the day and I rule the nightfall
As intense soldier, makin' a cause
I'm a scorn to the game, at the house superior!

[movie sample]
That's enough! We will meet again..

[Second sample]
We'll have many questions to ask of you