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Flash Web Design Exclusive presents here some of the very PRESS that OHHLA has gotten over the years. Each of the following entries has been listed by source, date, and where relevant the page number and what appears on the cover. Please note article scans are edited for space and ease of reading but not as to the actual text (which is provided following any print reference).

"Blues & Soul Magazine," B&S Issue 1000 (Cover: Is Hip Hop Dead?).

"The OHHLA.com database truly is the most extensive and accurate hip-hop lyrics archive on the web. -- Ill Will aka Da Boy Wonder"

"XXL Magazine," March 2003 - p. 136-144 (Cover: Eminem/50 Cent/Dr. Dre).

"All heads recognize: Big Pun and Big L were two of hip-hop's greatest lyricists. Since their tragic deaths, the art of rhyming has suffered. Just ask their fellow MCs. [...] Thanks to ohhla.com for help in transcribing lyrics. -- Adam Matthews"

"Dime Magazine," Fall 2002 - p. 10 (Cover: Baron Davis).

"The Online Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive is a gold mine. This site has lyrics to nearly any hip-hop song you can think of. From underground to old-school to commercial stuff, all your favorite cuts are there, complete and unedited. No MC is too fast for OHHLA. The site is updated every day and has a top 30 lyrics requested section so you can see what your fellow hip-hop heads are listening to."

"The Tavis Smiley Show," June 5, 2002 (NPR)

OHHLA.COM's webmaster is interviewed on The Tavis Smiley Show Wednesday, June 5th on National Public Radio. Click here to hear the relevant audio segment.

"Rap-Up Magazine," July 2001 - p. 6 (Cover: Janet Jackson).

"This site delivers one thing like no other site out there does: lyrics. OHHLA.com is the number-one stop for hip-hop and R&B lyrics. The site contains song lyrics from all artists in the rap field. In addition, the site features compilation and soundtrack lyrics. When trying to figure out the words to one of the newest raps, the only place to go is OHHLA.com."

"Entertainment Weekly," June 22, 2001 - p. 93 (Cover: Sex and the City).

"As kids, many of us painstakingly transcribed the politically potent lyrics of MCs like Ice-T and Chuck D to show our mothers their poeticism and intelligence. Why? So said moms would buy us rap CDs, of course. Today, young whippersnappers need only visit this archive for the most exhaustive compilation of rap rhymes on the Web (to wit, it spells out the lyrical licks of 16 Lil's - from Lil' Bow Wow to Lil' Zane). Of course, with Napster, the Internet generation has been able to circumvent not only parental approval but CD buying altogether. B+ -- Evan Serpick"

"Time Magazine," September 27, 1999 - p. 32 (Cover: GetRich.com)

"Rappy Birthday - Hip-Hop is celebrating its 20th anniversary (Sugar Hill Gang's album Rapper's Delight was released this month in 1979). Now that hip-hop has been around for two decades, a generation gap has developed between old-school and new-school rap. How can you tell them apart? Answer: Product placement. [** see graphic for the article **] (all lyrics from ohhla.com)"

"Rolling Stone," August 19, 1999 - p. 122 (Cover: Angelina Jolie)

"And if you're wondering just what the hell Mystikal was saying during one of his speedy rhymes, check out the Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive for a scarily complete collection of lyrics ranging from Kurtis Blow to Mobb Deep. When Chuck D called rap the African-American's CNN back in the day, he might as well have been talking about the Internet. -- Matt Diehl"

"Alternative Press," May 1999 - p. 52 (Cover: Orgy)

"07. Online Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive (www.ohhla.com) Judge this site not by the number of mistakes and omissions you find, but by the incredible amount of words they get right. -- Adam Heimlich"

"Request Magazine," June 1998 - p. 51 (Cover: Garbage)

"Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive (www.ohhla.com): A specialized database of hip-hop, rap and R&B lyrics that's updated daily. -- Amy Weivoda"

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