Hip Hop's Top Songs about Gambling

If there is one recurring theme when it comes to hip hop songs, it is the theme of money. This goes hand-in-hand with other topics such as fast cars, expensive watches and women. Being a rich artist comes with its own perks and benefits, but hip hop artists are also well known for their love of gambling and playing cards. It comes as no surprise then, that often this habits seeps into some song lyrics.

While many of these artists tend to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos, they often forget about the inconvenience of playing online. Many players, after all, have no qualms about playing at a PayPal casino. Sure, most players prefer convenience over flaunting wealth anytime.

So, here are some of hip hop's most famous songs about gambling.

Mo Money Mo Problems by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puff Daddy

The song does not beat about the bush. This is a song that is from start to finish about gambling. "We don't play around, it's a bet, lay it down.".

The lyrics delve into the topic of how being rich comes with its own set of problems. Ultimately, the more money one makes, the more problems there seem to be. At the same time, they know that gambling is not a solution or a way to make money.

The song also talks about taking care of their wealth as well as their lifestyle. It also talks about the damage and serious dangers of getting too greedy.

It's still a popular song to this day.

Vegas by Kendrick Lamar

Vegas is a song with a dark side to it. The song talks about how the artist himself is willing to gamble with his life, even if he has to go to hell in the end, so he can be with his loved one. "If Gambling's a sin, then I'm rollin' dice with Lucifer to make sure I ain't losin' you." The song has plenty of references to the theme of gambling and applies popular games as metaphors to explain how he plans to woo a girl.

If you need to learn more about casino games, perhaps this song is a good start. With lines such as, "Doin' Blackjack, twenty-one, twenty thousand in it. Probably twenty more before I'm done," the lyrics show the desperate measures the singer is willing to take.

It was a Good Day By Ice Cube

The song harps on, "What's the Haps on the Craps? Shake 'em up, shake 'em up". Anyone can guess that this is a song about the game of craps, but Ice Cube definitely is having much better luck than most players as the song keeps on flowing.

He has no problem stating that he has 'picked up the cash flow' after rolling 'seven, seven- eleven, seven-eleven, seven'.

While Ice Cube is harping on about him having a perfect day, it is important that players play responsibly and not get influenced too heavily by this song. Ideally, this song should not be listened to by anyone under the age of 18.

Life is a Gamble by Big K.R.I.T.

Similar to the Kendrick Lamar song, the song uses plenty of metaphors to compare life with gambling. In fact, the artist sings about how we all make risky bets in life ourselves. Big K.R.I.T. states that he has rolled the dice, got lucky and cashed out from various areas of his life. Not everyone has been this lucky.

We would go as far as to say that this is one of the deepest songs out there, that uses the theme of 'gambling' to drive the point home.

If you love hip hop, then you probably have come across many songs that cover the topic of gambling as well as card games.