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Artist: 9th Wonder f/ Khrysis
Album:  The Wonder Years
Song:   Make it Big
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[9th Wonder from "The Wonder Years" documentary]
Man, y'know... I don't think, we decide our own legacy...  
to be honest with you, when you leave the game or you leave this Earth, 
people will decide a legacy for you. We're just here to do 
what we're supposed to do. Everybody else will decide, y'know, what was 
your legacy, "he was this" or "he was that", "he did this," "he did that". 
People are gonna decide that for you. You have no control over that.
I just wanna make the best music I possibly can and...
It's in my um... in my realm, uphold the culture of hip-hop
but so many people my age has abandoned it. 
Maybe cause of their lack of knowledge about it.
But to uphold my- the culture of hip-hop, cause it is my culture
and um... that's about it

[Terrace Martin]
You are a star, a star you are
A star, a star you are
A star, a star you are

[9th Wonder]
Uh, I'ma make it big
Uh.. I'ma make it big
(Who said I wouldn't make it big?)
I'ma make it big
Like Tom Hanks nigga, I'ma make it +Big+
(9thmatic... and 9th Wonder)
I'ma make it big
Yeah... yeah, I'ma make it big

'Matic 9 Wonder the best, who wan' test? (who wan' test?)
I was like the freshest lil' nigga in sixth grade
Used to rock Js', Gazelles', and tight fades
Seventh grade came, I jam to Public Ene-my
and the homies, the classes that I was inna (that I was inna)
Sucker for a square, then eighth grade was here
Ninth grade came and I was like, "Yeah!" (YEAH!)
Freshest lil' nigga became a freshman
Fan of The D.O.C. and X-Clan
J Brother, P you ready for tenth grade?
Sophomore b-ball team that I made (Boom!)
Made out with a girl that was in my grade
with the green-eyed shade and the patent leather shoes
Junior year time came the REAL good news
1080 SAT scores, yeah dude!
N to the C to the C to the U
Durham '85, exit 1-7-2
In senior year, what the hell you gon' do?
Stay around here and work a nine-to-five gig?
Naw homeboy, sheeit! I'ma make it big
Like Tom Hanks nigga, I'ma make it +Big+
Naw homeboy, sheeit! I'ma make it big
9th 9thmatic shit, I'ma make it big
Wonder Wonder 9 shit, I'ma make it big

I'm on that Supercalifragilisticfragonago-bullshit
With more lines than the words on your tabernacle pulpit
Chuuch~! Young Khrysis the rebel
I get down, do my dance on instrumentals
And blaps that be slammin on cats like heavy metal
Don't try this at home kids, get on my level
Huh, we don't ever ever settle
Wack niggaz try to dunk us, the some +Brokeback+ fuckers
Ain't got time for them suckers, I work too hard
You wanna take mine? PSSH, well hardy harr!
Heh, in your dreams, this ain't easy as it seems
Been doin this since the teens, you can say it's in the genes
Uncle on the sax, granny singin in the opera
Rest in peace Uncle Mark touring with the gospel
Group that he started, he was livin out his dream
Then they passed it on to me, I told 'em I'ma make it big
Yeah, huh... said I'ma make it big
Khrysis in the booth and uh, I'ma make it big
Matic on the tra-dic and said, make it big
Yeah nigga I'ma make it big, c'mon!

[9th Wonder]
Make it big, make it big big, I'ma make it big
Yeah... (I'ma make it big)

Big Boy/Shoney style, get a pancake
Serve type sweet on the beats that I make
Like the jawn said said, "Aiyyo pimp, it's +Threats+" (Threats!)
Then Jay start spittin and I was like, "Yes!"
Then Jay called 9th, 9th Wonder of the World
B needed some beats, so then we did "Girl" (Girl!)
And "Is She the Reason?" and then the "Game Over"
Overseas, international, bonjour!
Tour when R. Kelly and Jay got jumped off
Jiggaman stayed and Kells got kicked off
Mary J. jumped on tour, now who knew?
The very next year, I'm on "The Breakthrough"
"Thank you, 9th Wonder," she said on the tube
+Good Woman Down+ with a Grammy, nigga - OOOOOOOOHH~!
Now here comes Badu
+Honeeeeey+, yeah you know the tunes
You so sweet, nigga sweet like syrup
Back to the syrup, then Luda was like "WAKE UP!"
Another 9th banger with Common on the jam
1989, +Do the Right Thing+, bam! (BAM!)
Sal's Pizzeria-type pizzas like big
Yeah homeboy, nigga, I'ma make it big
I'ma make it big yeah, I'ma make it big
Yeah 9thmatic yeah, I'm a make it big