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Artist: 9th Wonder f/ Talib Kweli, Terrace Martin
Album:  The Wonder Years
Song:   Never Stop Loving You
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[Intro: Terrace Martin]
Never stop loving you, hehe!
Ey, what's happenin y'all? Yeah
It's Terrace Martin and my homeboy, 9th Wonder
Brought to you live from Devi/Terrece Tuesdays

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, you...
Excuse me Miss Lovable, I don't mean to trouble you
Your bubble's so beautiful, got it from your mother too
That night at The W, Ball when I discover you
Made me wanna fix all your problems, now let me troubleshoot
In all actuality, your mentality dwarfed your attributes
Personality as sweet as passion fruit
Conversation casual but quickly turn to marital
I am hip-hop but I'm not your average rapper dude
There's more to me, I never call you shorty cause there's more to you
You priceless, them other chicka affordable
I'm callin you adorable, every chance I get in the recordin booth
In bed, barely audible, you wonder who I'm talkin to
Heh.. We whisperin the sweet nothings
Back when I was single, I had the streets buzzin
Now I need you to complete my album
Cause you my partner and it's hard for me to be without you

[Chorus: Terrace Martin] (Kweli)
Never stop loving you (Uh, never stop, never stop)
Never gonna stop, never gonna stop, never gonna
I'll never stop, never stop, no!

[Talib Kweli]
I had a dream that you would come and you'd complete my life
Back when I was younger, I would wonder if I need a wife
Mentally recorded as important what I need to say
And back in the days with CDs' and cassettes made by TDK
The vinyl was spinnin, you was winnin with the 8-track
Ya momma had a Dodge Dart, WAY before the Maybachs
and the Mercedes golf cart, I gamble like a card shark
Hit her with the wizardry, defense of the dark arts
Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? I got a lot to say
Modify ya Spotify, play me through your Dr. Dre's
You got the juice now, FRESH not from concentrate
Your embrace warmer than a goose down from Dr. Jays
The winter of my discontent, this is what you spring for
You'd wonder where the summer went, stop preparin for the fall
See it really don't matter what the season is
You like my breathing, I never leave it cause I need to live