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Artist: A-Wax
Album:  65 G'z in a Jordan Briefcase
Song:   65 G'z in a Jordan Briefcase (Intro)
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Smokin' weed, yeah
Sellin' D, ugh
65 G'z in a silver Jordan briefcase
I'm doin' this here for all my dogs without release dates
Pull hoes in three states
Young B-I reps P-I-M-P M-C
Lookin' like she wanna say "Pimp Me"
Wanna pay for the Bentley?
Say this rappin' thang'll happen
But you still keep it crackin'
With them bitches on they backs and on they knees
Checkin' traps
Countin' G'z in a telly
Blowin' California dank smoke right
With H-I belly
Dog they eat the bananas
Me and mines sweep the streets with bananas and split
Cuz I ain't on that amateur shit
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!