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Artist: A-Wax
Album:  Thug Deluxe
Song:   Field of Dreamz
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Anybody seen a shoeless knock?
What he get you for?
You lose a lot?
Gotta tell you, you was weird homie
Thin air the mutha fucka disappeared on me
I never caught the name but I know the face
Try to gun his ass down but he stole the base [SAFE]
Where I'm from in The Bay it's real
We look at $10,000 like a A-Rod deal, yeah
Hit licks plus grind and stack
This ain't Arizona you can't have a diamond back [no]
Check it out he must have got that stain off
From when I New York Yankee'd his chain off

[Chorus] - 2X
I just can't turn my back on my hustle
Once I was broke but that was never again

Concrete field of dreamz
When you get hemped up don't spill the beans
Three strikes ain't shit compared
To a Louisville slugger when it hits you dead
We about to run out so I call for more
Got birds like Toronto and Baltimore
Right now you better warn your folks
Pure kicks in Marlin off the Florida coast
Florida coast, Florida coast
They got scorpion seals and they store them boats
Call Bad Boy tell they roster
Biggie should have been a L.A. Dodger
Hard head make a you know what
Bad juice make a pruno cup
I used to rap just to get more clients
Now I do it from my Frisco Giants

[Chorus] - 2X

I need to weigh it let me use your spot [it's cool]
Let me know you see a shoeless knock
I been lookin' for that dude for weeks
It was only 300 but I'm losin' sleep
When them suckas get word they gon' hate
Roll a dollar bill doc you want home plate
Head first like I'm wit your main
Baby knows I ain't wit no games
Love gone only greed is left
Pop him in his gut, walk 'til you bleed to death
When that blood drips down your legs hot
Turn your White Socks into Red Socks
Fuck a doc he needs a Anaheim Angel
Check my point of view out my rhyme mangle
Yo this letter on Oakland A's hat
Ain't for Athletics stands for A-Wax

[Chorus] - 2X