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Artist: ASAP Rocky
Album:  LiveLoveA$AP
Song:   Acid Drip
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[ASAP Rocky]
Feelin out of place, plus it's gettin kinda late
Tryin to make it home safe and not get raped, where you live?
Tina tummy ache, Gina got the funny face
Mona's sniffin dope, so Odoma's leanin on the rib
I bet you wish you had a Benz, cause you just helped your friends
Flag a taxi, now you walkin not too far from your crib
Uhh, cravin for an acid tablet for your satisfaction
Said you feelin flabbergasted, you just had to have it
Made your way to 7th Ave, flagged a yellow cab
Now you need an upper fast to help your mellow swag
Black kid, french braids, and he keep it potent
Hold your purse, don't trust him cause his teeth is golden
Dice rollin, reefer blowin, in the streets he smokin
Blowin weed while police patrollin
Uhh, acid strips, purple drink, you can have a sip
Have a fix of this acid drip

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hand on the jar, kiss on the lips
Eye for an eye, drip for a drip
I get'cha high, please don't forget
I can supply, the fix for your drip

The fix for your drip (uhh) the fix for your drip (uhh)
(uhh) {YEAH} (drip)
(uhh) (uhh) (uhh) {YEAH} (drip)
(uhh) (uhh) (uhh) {YEAH} (drip)
{Acid strips, purple drink, you can have a sip}
{Have a fix of this acid drip}